To Spit or To Swallow?

To spit or to swallow? That has been the question when it comes (get it?) to oral sex ever since the first woman went down on her lucky man. Though that phrase may make it sound glib, what do do when a man ejaculates can really cause a lot of confusion and upset for a number of women.

It has become more of an issue with the increase of available porn on the internet. What a woman is ‘expected’ to do has now changed. Look at the way most films end with a facial; is this really what goes on in most bedrooms? Of course not, but it does get guys thinking it is normal, and that can cause real problems in the bedroom, especially if a woman has no intention if doing such things.

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A Woman’s Choice

First things first, when it comes to spitting or swallowing come, it is always the woman’s choice as to whether they do it of not. If they don’t want semen anywhere near their mouth, then no guy should be trying to get it there. It is that simple.

Also, if a woman is not enjoying the man ejaculating in her mouth, or swallowing it, the guy will know and it will ruin the experience for him. So in the end, it is bad for both partners.

If a woman doesn’t want a guy to come in her mouth, she should make sure he gives her sufficient warning when he is about to blow. If she doesn’t mind the idea of him coming in her mouth, but doesn’t want to swallow, she should keep tissues and a drink handy. If she wants to swallow, then there are things the guy can do to make the taste of his come more appealing.

Alcohol, caffeine, recreational drugs and nicotine all add a tang to a guys come which will make it more unpleasant. So if the guy has been on the lash, then don’t expect his semen to taste good.

It is true that vegetarians have better tasting sperm but too much cauliflower, broccoli and asparagus can have a negative effect.

Some foods which lead to iffy taking semen are obvious. Garlic and onions add an pleasant taste to the guy’s come due to the high sulphur content.

Good Foods

If the woman wants the guy to taste better, she should get him eating a lot of fruit, such as pineapple. Also sweet and fragrant foods like parsley, herbs, celery, cinnamon, cardamom and lemon can give the taste a boost. So if the woman is planning on giving him a blowjob, she should get him loading up on these type of things.

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In the end, like in all things sex, a woman should only do what she wants to do in bed. The best way to find out where the limits are is to talk it out. Then you can make sure you are both happy when you are making love.

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