Rookie Mistakes Punters Keep Making

Your first few dates with a local escort can be really nerve-racking. You get so worked up and worried about making mistakes that you forget to enjoy it. However, if you don’t prepare yourself for the date properly, there is the chance you will make rookie mistakes and have a bad date. It is a good idea for punters to do their research and know which mistakes they need to avoid.

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Keen to know what you should and shouldn’t do on your date? We’ve got you covered. Here on the Escort Ireland blog we take a look at some of the rookie mistakes punters keep making, so that you can learn from the mistakes of others. Got some you think we’ve missed? Leave a comment in the box below.

Ignoring the profile

We get it… reading can be boring, especially when you are online. You want the information to be given to you quickly. You don’t want to have to go searching for the key points. However, it is here that one of the biggest rookie mistakes occurs.

You’ll go online and find that the picture gallery of a sexy lady draws you in. You instantly fall in love with them because of their images, and so you reach for the phone to give them a call and make a date. Guess what? You’ve just made mistake number one.

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In your eagerness to get to the date, you haven’t read the escort profile. This is a big problem. The escort profile contains a lot of information useful to you. Not only does it tell you when the escort is available for dates, but it can also show her fee and give you more information about her.

Keeping profile images completely up to date can be a real challenge, which is why escorts give a more detailed description of their appearance on their profile. If you skip straight to their phone number, you are going to miss out on this and many other key pieces of information.

Too many questions

Once you have read their profile you might find that you are left with numerous questions. Perhaps there are some things on the profile you didn’t understand, or you simply want to get as much information as possible?

It can be incredibly tempting to simply ask them on the phone when you call to arrange a meeting, but this might not be the best time. Instead, let the escort know that you have questions and how best to get responses to them. For a start, a number of escorts don’t feel comfortable talking about work on the phone. They much prefer to keep things more discreet and private.

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Escorts also get plenty of calls from clients who have no intention of booking them. They simply want to listen to a sexy lady on the phone and get them talking for as long as possible. Asking too many questions might make you seem like a time waster. If you want to book them, book them. Don’t interrogate them first.

This means that you shouldn’t ask things like “is that your real name?” or “why did you choose this job?”. You’ll seem more like a nosy reporter than a client, and this won’t work out in your favour.

Refusing to hand over the fee

We get that, in the stress to get to the date location, you can feel as though you have lost your mind a little. You might forget simple etiquette, but one thing that you should always try to remember is your payment fee.

Make sure that you have the right amount of money on you for the date. Escorts tend not to keep change lying around, and you don’t want to delay your meeting at all.

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Hand over your fee as soon as possible. Making her ask for the payment is going to be embarrassing for you and can really turn a date sour. You’ll feel uncomfortable for putting her in that position. Definitely not what you want.

Reluctance to hand over payment can also make it seem like you have no intention of going on with the date. Escorts don’t want to waste their time with people who want to try and get discounts or just not pay them. Avoid rookie mistakes like those by having the payment ready for them as soon as possible.

Staying too long

You might have had the time of your life and feel like you never want to leave. However, you will need to. You can’t hang around in the escort’s apartment all day, as they have other clients to see.

The problem is that a number of newbie punters will try to delay their departure. They might take their time in the shower at the end, getting dressed as slowly as possible so that they don’t have to walk out of the door when the time is up.

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We shouldn’t have to tell you that this is a dick move. When your time is up, get dressed quickly and thank your chosen escort for their time and companionship. Don’t linger for too long.

You might feel tempted to try and extend the date because you had a great time together, or even to book another appointment with them. Don’t do this at the end of the appointment. You are best ringing them up another time to make the booking, as then they won’t feel rushed or under pressure.

Rookie mistakes punters make

There are so many rookie mistakes that punters can make, and we have highlighted a few of them above. Hopefully, you will find this guide useful so that you can avoid slipping up on your date. You want to make a good impression, right?

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Think that there are some other important ones we have missed out? We want to hear from you. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below!

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