Punter Showers Are Important: Here’s Why

Whether you have had just one escort date or you have had more than you can count, you’ll know that escorts offer showers to their clients when you arrive. For many this is just one of the things that happens on a date, but for others they don’t see the point of punter showers.

Closeup of wet legs in the bathroom.

They might refuse, but many escorts will not see clients if they refuse to take a shower. So why are punter showers so important?

It can calm you down

In the lead up to an escort date you might find that you are a little nervous. Perhaps you got a little lost while trying to find the location for the date? Or maybe you are just nervous because you have never been on an escort date before? There are many reasons why you could feel a little unsure.

Getting in the shower at the start of the date is actually a fantastic idea. You’ll find that it helps to ease your stress a little and it gives you a moment to collect your thoughts. You won’t feel as stressed because you have a moment on your own in the shower to simply enjoy the water hitting your body and calm yourself down.

This works especially well if you are going to have a relaxing massage afterwards! You will already be a little relaxed from the shower, and feeling the hands of your chosen masseuse on you will take you that step further. You’ll feel great for it!

You might not be totally clean

A lot of people will take a long shower or a bath before they go for a date with an escort. You’ll shower and shave and make yourself presentable for them. After all, you want to give them a good first impression!

Even when you have showered, some might ask you to take another shower. A number of clients will argue against this, saying that they have already showered that day. But here’s why you should still jump in the shower.

On your journey you may have been stuck in a hot car getting really warm. You’ll sweat on your journey to the escort’s place, so you might get there and still smell a little. This can be very frustrating for the escort, so you should jump in the shower just to freshen up!

Should you refuse punter showers?

You wouldn’t want to go on a date if your date smelled a little, so when an escort offers you a shower, take it. They just want to make sure that you are totally relaxed and ready for the date.

Besides, you’ll get a better service if you are clean. After all, the cleaner you are the dirtier things can get, so hop in the shower and you’ll find that you have an incredible date with an escort!

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