Naked Man With Stuck Toy Seeks Help At Filling Station!

If you’ve ever had to deal with a stuck toy, you’ll know just how much of a panic it can cause. There you are, having your fun, and suddenly your favourite sex toy just doesn’t want to come out or come off. You’ll try everything you can on your own to resolve it, but sometimes you need help.

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For one man in Argentina, he was so worked up about his predicament that he headed for a filling station in search of help. He was completely naked, which obviously gained him some attention. So what is the full story behind this man’s cry for help, and what should you do if you get a sex toy stuck?

Seeking assistance

People at a filling station in Saavedra, Buenos Aires, Argentina, were stunned when a naked man wandered across the forecourt, asking for help. It seemed that he had somehow managed to get a dildo stuck up his butt, and that it was causing him a lot of discomfort… as you could imagine it would.

Police were on the scene, attempting to talk to the man. However he would walk away from them, shouting and slapping his legs. When prompted further he demanded that they “call the doctor”. The staff at the filling station called for an ambulance, which promptly arrived.

Those at the filling station stated that the man was then taken away in the ambulance to be treated. Hopefully the stuck toy wasn’t an issue for him any more, and it is a lesson to many about being careful when using sex toys.

A common problem

Believe it or not, getting things stuck in or on your body is a common occurrence during sex. Sometimes it is a case of using the wrong tool for the job. Other times, it might be when we experiment with home made sex toys and it goes just a little bit wrong.

Condoms can slip off during sex. Usually this happens if the condom is ill-fitting, so it might roll off and go wandering. Obviously this is a concern for people during sex because of sexual health. Things can also get stuck around the penis if they are tight-fitting.

When it comes to using toys, there is the chance of them getting stuck inside of you. Whether you are slipping them up your ass or into a vagina, they can still become wedged. This is why it is important to education yourself on the best way to deal with them.

What to do with a stuck toy

The first thing to do when you find that you have a toy or anything stuck is to not panic. It’s easier said than done, but something I found useful when it happened to me was to concentrate on breathing. The gif below is a great guide to use, as you focus on following that instead of on the situation.

Depending on where the toy is stuck, there are some things that you can do. Squatting is helpful if your toy is stuck in the ass or vagina. Bearing down in this position can force the toy further down and out, or at least far down enough that you can grab it. If you have a toy stuck around your penis, try lubricating it to slip it off that way.

Should none of these techniques work, the best thing you can do is seek professional help. If your toy is stuck in the vagina, it isn’t going anywhere. The cervix will block the toy from going further. With the ass, this isn’t the case. It can go further, which is why you should seek help. If something is stuck around your cock, it can also cause damage to your penis. Seek help as soon as you can and tell them everywhere you have done to try and resolve the situation on your own.

Breathing in time with this can help a lot
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Preventing it from happening

If you don’t want to be that man walking around naked at a filling station forecourt with a stuck toy in your ass, there are things you can do to prevent it happening to you. For a start, make sure you avoid home made sex toys. Yes, they might seem like a great way to save money, but the chances are that they’ll get stuck.

Having a good grip on your toy can also make a big difference. Don’t try slipping things like a vibrating bullet into a vagina to stimulate the g-spot. The chances are that you’ll lose your grip. With anal toys, go for things with a flared base. The flared base will stop them slipping into the ass and save you a lot of worry!

Condoms slipping off during sex are another common occurrence. To prevent this from happening, make sure your condoms fit properly. If it is too tight or too loose, it can slip off the penis and get lost. There are so many different sizes of condoms out there so make sure you use the right ones for you.

Your experience with a stuck toy

It can be terrifying to deal with a stuck toy, but staying calm can help a lot. While calm, you can squat down to help release it, and push to force the toy out. If that doesn’t help, a medical professional will be able to come to your rescue.

Have you ever had a stuck toy? Let us know about your experiences by leaving a comment in the box below. You can even share some tips that could help others.

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