Fun Foreplay: 5 Ways To Make It Great!

The run up to sex can become a bit mundane and predictable. With my last partner, he always did the same things. We’d kiss, he’d then kiss my neck for about five seconds, and then he’d go straight for my pants. Needless to say, your sex life doesn’t have to be like that.

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It can be exciting, thrilling, and even mind-blowing if you let it. Not sure how to do that? I take you through 5 ways to make it great again, with some fun foreplay tips you’ll be dying to try.

1. Go old school

Sometimes it is the classics that work the best for us. This is why you should consider going old school when you are going to enjoy some fun foreplay. Instead of focusing on something new to try, look at the old things that worked well.

Remember when you used to make out with your partner on the sofa? You wouldn’t touch one another at all. You’d focus entirely on the kissing and get completely lost in it. Why not try this for a big change?

It’s great because it works. A lot of kissing is a great way to get you both fired up, and if you concentrate purely on the kissing then you’ll find foreplay lasts longer. You’ll both take your time, and it feels naughty.

An old school make out session is going to put the spark back into your relationship
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2. Try somewhere new

Where do you have sex? The chances are you’ll have said “in bed” or “in the bedroom”. Sometimes you don’t actually have to change the things that you do during foreplay in order to make it fun. A simple change to the location might just spice things up.

For example, you could use the above tip as an example. An old school make out session doesn’t just feel good because you are prolonging the contact between you and your partner before you get business. The chances are that you won’t be doing it in bed.

Another good spot to do it? The kitchen. Enjoying a drink and a chat in the kitchen? Try having sex in this room. It is even better if they are wearing a skirt. You can spin them around and eat them out behind, or have them sit upon the counter. There are so many possibilities open to you!

Take things out of the bedroom
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3. Dance to the music

The right music during sex can make a huge difference. Obviously you don’t want to go for certain power ballads or you’ll end up singing along. This has happened to me on a number of occasions, and it is really hard to think about sex and foreplay when you are busy belting out 80s classics.

You can use the music to your advantage. If you have the right music, you could try doing a sexy strip tease to it. This is great for a number of reasons. The first is that you get to strip off all of your clothes in the build up to sex, without your partner fumbling with belts and clasps.

The biggest advantage is how turned on your partner will be. It is better if you set some ground rules first. Tell them that they cannot touch you, unless you say that they can. This gives you the chance to grind all over them and they can’t react. It’ll have you both turned on in no time at all! Not sure how to do it? Our own Martin wrote a great guide for it!

A lap dance is going to be a lot of fun for you and your partner
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4. Give them a sensual massage

I’ll admit that I am guilty of rushing my way through foreplay. It isn’t intentional. Sometimes I just forget to take my time. If you are anything like me, then trying to slow it down can be a real challenge. However, this tip will keep things slower and give you the chance to have some fun foreplay along the way!

A sensual massage is going to really turn your partner on. With a sensual massage, you want to touch your partner all over. No area of their body is left untouched, which means that you will really take your time with it!

Start on the outer parts of their body first, such as their hands. Slowly work your way in. Don’t touch their hot spots until they are the last parts of the body you need to pay attention to. Watch their reactions as you massage. If they seem to enjoy one particular thing, stick with it for longer. In no time at all they will be putty in your hands!

A slow and sensual massage is perfect for fun foreplay
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5. Play with temperature

Looking to try something new and enjoy some fun foreplay at the same time? Why not explore temperature play? It is really easy to do, and the chances are that you will already have a number of items at home to allow you to do it.

Cold can really enhance sex. Ice cubes, for example, are perfect for holding in your mouth. You can then kiss your partner’s body all over, allowing the ice cube to cool their body as you go. The mix between the cold cube and the heat of your mouth will be such a turn on.

Eager to heat things up? Some people like to experiment with candle wax, but if that isn’t for you, you could buy a specialist massage candle. These candles melt and, when dropped from a height, cool enough so that they don’t hurt your partner. You can then rub the hot oil into their body!

Play with temperature to really spice things up
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Put the fun back into foreplay

Making foreplay great against doesn’t have to require a lot of effort, as you can see from the above. In fact, fun foreplay is easy if you have some ideas about spicing things up. Simply changing the setting and slowing things down can make a huge difference to your sex life.

Got some great tips of your own that you’d like to share? What is the most fun foreplay you’ve had? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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