How To Prepare For and Perform a Striptease

The striptease is one of the most sexy things that a woman can do for a man. There is a level of sensuality attached to it that is really different to a normal sexual encounter. Hell, we have seen the amount of strip clubs in the country; that is a real testament to their popularity.

Sexy woman preparing for striptease

However, as we all know, it is something that can go wrong. To put it simply, they can look really awkward if done badly. What is meant to be sexy can look like shit.

Well, help is at hand. Today we are going to bring you ladies out there some fantastic tips when it comes to giving a great striptease. Read these tips and you will soon be able to add this to your favourites list.

1) Pick Your Clothes

You may think it is all about picking the sexiest clothes you have, but you have to remember they need to come off easily. If you have difficulty getting them off, that will look really uncomfortable and defeat the object of what you are doing.

The best option it to try out different things and work out what looks best. You will then be set to begin.

2) Practice Makes Perfect

Perform your routine to either a blank chair or a teddy bear. You get to work on your moves and iron out any problems without a real person watching and judging you.

The teddy bear is a great idea as you can practice keeping eye contact which is one of the major things that is important for the striptease. It sounds daft but many strippers swear by it.

3) Set The Mood

It is vital that you get the right kind of music to dance to. Obviously not every piece will be suitable, so find something that makes you feel sexy and lends itself to this escapade.

You can even get some candles. True, low light may make it harder to see, but there may well be less pressure if people aren’t seeing things perfectly. Low light can be your friend.

A big thing is to remember is that it is meant to be fun. Feel free to laugh, giggle, and have a good time. Making it too serious is actually rather unsexy.

4) The Strip Itself

Now it is fair to say that I am a man, so it would be daft for me to give tips on things I don’t do myself. I know what I like the look of, but I also like the curry I have at my favourite restaurant; I just don’t know how to cook it.

However, I went to and got some really good practical tips on how to perform the actual striptease. They stated the following.

Get really close to him when performing your strip tease. I don’t know why, but this will make you feel a lot more comfortable. When you’re far away, it will feel like he’s looking at you intensely. But when you’re really close-up, this feeling will almost completely vanish.

Straddle him, since he will be sitting down for the entire duration. If you’re facing him, bend over slightly and lower the top part of your body so your breasts are at eye level. Then, put your hands around his head or shoulders and pull him in so he can kiss them. If you have your back to him, try grinding on him.

Don’t worry about dancing for him. All you need to do is grind on him. Whether you have your back to him or are facing him, straddle one of his legs and use it to grind on him. The great part about this is that you don’t even need to be naked. And let me tell you: no guy will ever complain about you grinding on him.

In the end, this will all come down to practice. You won’t be as good the first time and you will be the 100th. But by keeping at it, and making sure you do it in a fun, no stress atmosphere, you will reach maximum sexiness after a while.

That is something that will put a smile on both your faces.

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