Finding The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

What is said to be the most romantic day of the year is fast approaching, and with only ten days left before the big day, there isn’t a lot of shopping time left!
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How do you find the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your partner? What makes a good gift on Valentine’s Day? Read our guide to find out.

Traditional presents

If you find yourself reading this a little too close to Valentine’s Day for comfort, you could simply choose to stick with the more traditional Valentine’s Day gifts. While they may lack a little imagination and originality, many are more than happy to receive these gifts from you.

That said, you should consider the person you are buying them for very carefully. After all, this is a present for that special someone, not just a present for the sake of it! If you don’t think they will like it, try to think of some other gift ideas.

Flowers are one of the more traditional presents given at Valentine’s Day, and you can buy some truly beautiful bouquets from many different places. If you do choose to buy flowers for your beloved, don’t simply pick up the first bunch you see or the cheapest. Instead, take the time to look over the selection on offer and choose some that you think match your partner’s beauty.

Another popular Valentine’s Day present is chocolate. Boxes of chocolates seem to swamp the aisles of supermarkets and gift shops, making it easy to find a delicious box for your partner. However, some are not happy to receive chocolate, as they feel that very little thought has gone into choosing it. If you do buy chocolates, combine them with something else.

Lingerie can be a great present to buy, if you know your partner well enough. The problem is that the sizes of bras and panties differ slightly from store to store, and so while you might think you’ve found the perfect size it could be a little small or big, which is uncomfortable to wear. If you know the size they are in a specific store, buy from there, and choose something you know that they will love all year round.


One of the greatest resources at your disposal is the internet. There are so many shops that have online stores and websites you can visit that finding that perfect present is a lot easier!

If your beloved has a favourite store they like to shop in, see if they have a wishlist. Many websites allow users to create a wishlist of the things they want for free, and the items on it are the ones you know your partner would absolutely love more than anything else.

Not only do you save time looking around each store to find the perfect present, but the correct sizes of clothes and colours of accessories are already chosen for you. A lot of the online stores will even send the gifts directly to your partner, if you choose to do it that way.

Like the chocolates, it can lack a little originality and thought. While there is a higher chance they will enjoy the present you have gotten them, it may still feel as though little effort has been put in. Team it with a small, carefully thought out gift to balance it out.
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Shop around

Most people find shopping to be extremely stressful, and it is easy to see why. The shops and streets are packed with people, all so focused on getting to the shop across the road that they don’t pay much attention to you.

As a result, people tend to do a lot of their shopping online to avoid the crowds and ease the stress of their day. Thankfully, you can find the perfect Valentine’s Day presents both in the high street and online. Wherever you choose to shop, think carefully about your Valentine. What are their interests? What are their favourite things to do?

Should you choose to shop in the high street, don’t restrict your movements to certain shops. While doing that can speed up the time you are there, you may miss some fantastic deals and gifts in other places. Some stores even offer a personal shopper experience, and if you manage to book this service you may find their help in choosing a gift invaluable.

Online not only allows you to instantly find that perfect item you are looking for, but you can also check the prices against other retailers. However, you have to at least have an idea as to what you are going to buy; otherwise you may find yourself scrolling for hours and hours. Try searching for unique Valentine’s Day gifts for some ideas before you shop.

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? Are you prepared for the big day, or is it something that simply doesn’t interest you? For me, Valentine’s Day is a nice idea but something I don’t really celebrate. Do you agree with me or have you other ideas? Leave a comment in the box below or go to the Escort Ireland forum to share your thoughts.

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