Erin Andrews – Is $55 Million Dollars Compo Too Much?

After a day of deliberation, the jury came to a conclusion and the US sports broadcaster, Erin Andrews has been offered $55 million. Though the celebrity sued her stalker and the two companies behind the hotel at which she was spotted naked for $75million, this is still an enormous amount of money, isn’t it?

Eye looking through the keyhole

However, this is the money that’s supposed to comfort the celebrity for the pain and suffering of being videotaped naked, through the door peephole, in a Nashville hotel room in 2008.

The one who recorded and released the video online, Michael David Barrett, who pleaded guilty and has to rest for two and a half years in prison, was found 51% to blame. Therefore, the two hotel companies are now supposed to pay $27millions.

Is Erin Andrews’ Nakedness Larger than Life?

I can strongly relate to the pain felt by the beloved reporter when her naked body has been exposed to the whole world. If you think about it, you probably can relate to this issue, as well since nobody likes their privacy being invaded.

Also, without trying to positively discriminate women, it’s a bit more difficult to know creepy dudes are peeping and masturbating while watching your body. However, when you are a public person and everybody knows how your penis looks it’s also far from being easy.

Anyway, though my empathy makes me feel an incredible joy for the ESPN reporter, I have to admit that America is making me question morality.

There were cases where dead people were involved and the amount of money was considerably smaller. Do you remember Eric Garner? Well, in 2014 he was choked to death by an NYPD cop. In 2015, his family agreed to accept a $5.9 million settlement for his death.

Since we are talking about a murder and a video with a naked lady arranging her hair, it’s not difficult to see the huge difference, is it? The discrepancy between the amounts of money is also easy to spot, right? So, how does law actually work in the United States?

Maybe is just the victims’ statements that make the difference. As she told the jury, Ms. Andrews felt embarrassed, humiliated and mortified because of this video, while Eric Garner was just…dead.

What Do You Think?

As I said before, I am a woman and I’ve been stalked when I was younger. Of course, I am not a celebrity so the stalking was minor. A recording of me naked wouldn’t have been talked about all over the world, so my stalker just called me and listened to my voice. However, I can strongly understand the anxiety felt by the US reporter, but I can’t understand the huge amount of money.

At the same time, the huge differences between this case and others that involve death, like the Eric Garner’s settlement, makes me wonder what the issue actually is. Are we talking about positive discrimination? I strongly hope we are not heading towards this because we fought so hard for equality to tip the balance the other way.

Also, I am looking forward to hearing your strong opinion regarding this case. You can let us know what you think about the Erin Andrews case it by commenting in the box below or by joining our online escort community! Share your thoughts with us!

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