Common Questions About Women Men Ask!

Ireland, you’re one of the horniest countries that I know of. You’re filled with a variety of sexy ladies that would make any man weak at the knees. However, when it comes to sex and women, you guys can grind to a halt at times. You don’t know whether the women that you’re seeing would get turned on by salad-tossing, or whether they are into anal sex or not.

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I’ve had many male friends who’ve asked me questions that relate to women and what they like to do in the bedroom; I’ve answered them truthfully because as far as I’m aware of, you guys don’t like bullshit. Therefore, here are some of the most common questions that guys would ask about women and sex.

Do girls actually like dick-pics?

I remember the one time when I was having a good day at the office; I was surrounded by my friendly co-workers until I heard my phone buzz. As with any person who immediately receives a text message, I quickly picked it up to read it, only to suddenly have a picture of a 7-inch cock illuminating on my iPhone 4S.

The picture was from a guy who I was seeing for a little while; he was fantastic in bed but I felt like he didn’t have a ‘pause button’ at times. When it comes to girls and sending nude photos, we’d like to show everything.

I’m not just talking about our tits, ass and pussies; I’m talking about arms, legs, torso, face and so on! We are creative creatures; we like to make sure that every photo that we’d take of ourselves is perfect. Women can take up to about 5 minutes to create a perfect photo of their voluptuous bodies, so if we get a reply back with a picture of only your dick, maybe your hairy balls too, then that would just feel like a dick slap across the face.

Furthermore, what would be the point of sending a dick picture? I can’t exactly fuck myself with my phone as I imagine that you’re rubbing my clit with your cock, can I? Unless the ladies actually ask for a picture, then no. We don’t like you sending pictures of your dick to us.

Why do Women like ‘big packages’?

I’m going to answer this question with another anecdote of mine. Normally, I don’t date two guys at the same time, but I wanted to try it out at least once. When I was comparing the two guys and their bedroom antics, both of them have a drastic difference in cock length.

One guy was an average of 6 inches, and the other guy was around 3 inches…that was when they were both hard by the way! If you want to know the difference between the two men while I was fucking them, one of the guys was able to make me cum at every sex session. If you’re wondering which guy was able to make me cum, it was the one with the big cock.

It feels so good when a big, throbbing cock rubs our pussies and clits, however, not all is lost for the men who are ‘below average’. The benefit that I’ve had with the guy who had a smaller dick was that I was able to perform deep-throat easily on him, along with anal sex. Nevertheless, nothing can satiate my thirst for sex better than a guy who has a big cock; it’s the truth!

How should I eat out a girl?

The first thing that you have to realise is that the pussy is a delicate, pink flower. It’s not a plant that you should destroy from the moment you see it, after all, it’s not a venus fly trap! Another thing that you have to realise is when you want to get hot underneath the bed sheets with a woman, sex shouldn’t be considered as a sprint, unless you’re having a quickie with her!

Imagine that you’ve just eaten the best dessert that you’ve ever had in your life, and there’s some honey or chocolate sauce left on your plate.

You pick up the plate and slide your tongue around the surface to make sure that it’s left white and spotless.

Furthermore, you’d take your time to lick up every morsel of that sauce because you want to savour the taste while you keep your tongue as flat as possible. I don’t know what it is about guys keeping their tongues pointy when they’re going down on a women; it actually feels annoying when you’d just focus on the clit.

The best way to make a woman cum by your tongue is to slide it all around her cunt, then when you know that she is going to tip over the edge, you keep the pressure on her clit as she would grab onto your head like a rugby ball. Remember, eating pussy is something that cannot be rushed!

Do girls like being asked ‘what turns them on?’

It really depends on the woman, but I would have to say that women like to be dominated in the bedroom. When I say ‘dominated’ I don’t mean that they like to be tied up and blindfolded; they love it when a guy knows how to handle the ropes in the bedroom.

If you starting to see someone and you would like to turn her on because you’re beginning to like her, it’s good to ask her what would make her panties wet in the bedroom. However, if you’re going to ask her what she likes, it has to be embedded in a dirty talking session.

A lady wouldn’t feel sexy if you just ask her about her fantasies randomly, like the way Charlie asked Marnie about her sexual desires in the first episode of ‘Girls’. Personally, I get turned on when a guy knows what to do in the bedroom.

I think that not a lot of women like being asked what they like because they feel like they’re answering questions for the guy to fill out on his application sheet. Dudes, you’re not pleasuring the girl for work purposes, so it’s ill-advised that you ask them what would make their clits tingle.

Why can’t I make a girl climax?

Are you guys really asking this question? I mean…really?! If you don’t know why you can’t make a girl cum, then you don’t know how to fuck right. I’m sorry if I’m sounding like a bitch…no, wait…I’m not sorry!

If you haven’t had a lot of experience with girls before, then that’s understandable. I was once told by an old friend of mine back in college that I shouldn’t ‘expect to cum on my first time.’ To be honest, what 17 or 18-year-old guy would know how to make a girl’s bed sheets soaked in her pussy juices?

One thing that you guys have to remember is that a woman’s orgasm is more complicated than you think. You have to keep the girl’s mind occupied on sex in order to make her cum, otherwise, she might end up thinking whether she’s turned the oven off or not. Ridiculous as it may sound, but that’s the reality of a girl’s mind.

You have to make her hot and horny enough for her to not let you go; to not unlock her legs from your waist. Most importantly, you have to know what turns her on the most; a woman cannot cum if she doesn’t feel sexy. This is where you have to read her body language as well as dirty talking to her while you’re on top of her.

Are there any other questions that you want to be answered, Ireland? Well, you better make sure that you write them in the comments section below or on the Escort Ireland community forum. Furthermore, you can do a good deed today and share this post with all of your friends who are in need of some sexy advice! Sharing is caring, people!

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  1. I know a common question we like to ask women which we never seem to get an answer for.

    What do you want to eat?

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