7 Tips For Better Anal Play

Anal play is a lot of fun. It feels naughty when you do it, and the fact that others think of it as a taboo makes it even more tempting to try. Done correctly and you can have one of the most intense orgasms of your life from it. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.

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However, people seem to think that they know exactly what to do during anal play, only to get things a little bit wrong. When anal play goes wrong, it can be uncomfortable and awkward, at the least. At the most, it can become painful and lose you a sex partner.

Want to know the best 7 tips for better anal play? We have the answers here on the Escort Ireland blog. Take a look and see whether you agree, or if you have some other hot tips you can’t wait to share with us.

Do some research first

Before you go diving straight for the ass, you’re going to want to do your research. It isn’t just a hole that feels good no matter where you touch. There are different spots that can make you feel great, just like a cock or a pussy.

It can really help to look around online and see what the ass is like. Learning anal anatomy might not be the way you want to start things off, but it will mean you know exactly what you’re doing down there.

Not only that, but there are plenty of websites eager to tell you about the different spots in the ass. You might even be able to discover the elusive a-spot (like the g-spot, but in the ass) with a little bit of research!

Lube is going to be your best friend

During straight up sex (vaginal), you’ll find that your partner gets nice and wet for you. Their pussy will just ooze with natural juices, making it very easy to slide your dick, fingers, or even a toy in there and start to pleasure her.

However, the ass doesn’t do this. Instead, you have to use something else to get them nice and wet down there, and while some people like to do as the pornstars do and simply use their own spit, most of us are turned off by that, so instead just buy some lube.

Lube is going to be your best friend when it comes to anal play. It will help to keep things nice and wet, making it easier for you to slip inside of them without an issue, and because you have it to hand you can top up whenever you need to. You can even get lubes that add a slight tingle, which can make things more exciting!

Fools rush in

You wouldn’t rush into normal sex without warming your partner up first, so when it comes to anal play, start by getting things hot. Tease them, kiss them, and have them begging for you to play with their ass.

However, you shouldn’t take things slowly at the start just to get them in the mood. The ass has a lot of muscles that might be a little tense. By turning them on, you’ll help to get them to relax. This can make sliding a finger or a toy in there a little easier.

To start with, tease their hole. Gently run your finger around the outside, and if you are into rimming for your anal play, tick your tongue out and lick around their ass. They’ll enjoy it and will be ready for the fun to begin in no time at all!

Bigger isn’t always better

When you are trying anal fun, whether it is simply anal play or anal sex, the temptation is there to go bigger. You might have worked one finger in and find the urge to slip in another one or two. You could have used a little vibrating bullet to turn them on and want to try them with a toy.

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to anal play. Yes, you might really want to watch them take a big dildo up the ass, but unless you have been getting them used to size and slowly working your way up, sticking something too big up there can actually do them harm.

Instead, give their body time to adjust. Use smaller toys or less fingers, giving their ass time to spread and accommodate the fun. Over time, their body will be able to take bigger things. Anal play is a long game, but when you get to the end you’ll find it is totally worth it.

Experimenting with anal play is fine… to a point

There are so many amazing toys out there that you will want to experiment. You’ll find a number of different things to try, and when it comes to anal, experimenting is a great thing. Up until a certain point, that is.

Safety is important with anal play. If there isn’t a safe way to use the toys, don’t use them. There’s a reason that butt plugs have the flared ends, and that is to prevent them getting lost in the ass. So many people end up in hospital with surgeons giggling as they retrieve homemade butt plugs from someone’s ass, so unless you want to be in that situation, don’t do it.

Stick to the specially created toys. They are there for a reason, so don’t start using household objects. It won’t be as pleasurable, and if it goes wrong you’ll be left really embarrassed. Besides, sex toys are way more fun!

Keep it clean

If you have been using your fingers in their ass, don’t immediately slide them into the pussy. This is just going to spread bacteria, which can then lead to an infection. You don’t want them to be left feeling itchy and horrible after anal play, do you?

Should the urge to switch between come to you, wash your hands first. They’ll appreciate the care and attention you are giving to them, and if you have sex toys you are using, condoms can go a long way to help.

Don’t just assume that, because you can’t see it, you won’t find any bacteria there. Careful washing of toys before and after use can help to keep them clean. Remember, the cleaner things are, the dirtier you can get!

Know what you like

When it comes to anal play, it is good to know what you like. If you are hoping that your partner will give in to your deepest and darkest desire, it is worth experimenting and getting to know your ass on your own.

When the fun starts, you can then guide them. Love the way their finger curls in your ass? Say it as you moan, and they’ll continue to do it. Want them to rim your little puckered ass hole? Beg them for it and see if they give in to your desires.

Got some other tips you want to share? Use the comment box below or visit the Escort Ireland forum and join in the discussion over there.

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