Covered Oral Vs. OWO: Which Is Better?

Who doesn’t love oral? We suspect that there really aren’t many out there who would say “no blowjob for me, thank you” when their partner gets on their knees. In fact, a lot of people hope for it and keep their fingers crossed that they will get to feel someone’s wet lips around their cock. However, we all like it in different ways. Some prefer covered oral, while others like the feeling of oral without a condom, otherwise known as OWO.

A sexy woman enjoys licking a strawberry, comparing covered oral to OWO

For a lot of people it is down to personal preference, as well as a number of other contributing factors… but what exactly might make people decide to go for OWO over covered oral? Which is better? Here on the Escort Ireland blog we take a look at the key difference between them, and which one you should be going for.

No thank you, STIs!

One of the big appeals of going for covered oral is that you reduce the chances of catching an STI. Yes, you can still catch them through oral sex. A lot of people tend to forget about this and take the risks, but if you want to avoid catching something, you might want to put a condom on.

When it comes to oral, there are a number of different STIs that you could catch. In fact, there are three that seem to be commonly caught… all because people cannot be bothered to put a condom on their cock.

Gonorrhoea, syphillia, and genital herpes are the three most common, and the problem is that the rates of infection are actually climbing up. Why? People just aren’t playing it safe.

If you were thinking that those aren’t so bad, they are not the only STIs you can catch through uncovered oral. You also run the risk of catching any of the following: genital warts, public lice, chlamydia, hepatitis A, B, and C, and HIV. If you were in two minds about whether it is worth wrapping up, this might have convinced you.

Numb dick

However, people often complain that condoms can number the sensations that you feel. Every lick, suck, or touch can be lessened. You are a lot less sensitive, which is great if you are aiming to last that little bit longer in bed, but what happens for those who don’t? Instead, each sensation is lessened by the condom.

With OWO, you don’t have a condom to get in the way. This means that you can feel every single thing that your partner does. There is nothing standing in between you and the feeling of wet lips wrapping around your cock and slowly teasing the head.

So what are the big appeals for OWO? One of the biggest appeals for your partner is that they don’t have to taste condom. If you have never had the “pleasure” then trust me, condoms taste awful. Even the ones that are supposed to be flavoured don’t taste good, and when you are working hard to get a guy off using your mouth, it is distracting.

If you really want to enjoy an intense blowjob, you might decide that OWO is for you. Because there is no condom, you get to feel absolutely everything. The licks that you might have missed with a condom covering you will be felt. Plus, there are some out there who find that the condoms numb so much they lose their erection. That is why they prefer OWO to covered oral.


Sometimes, your partner might seem as though they have absolutely no choice but to put a condom on your cock before they go down on you. Why? Well, one of the big reasons that people are so reluctant to enjoy OWO is because they find that some people are terrible at cleaning their cocks.

There are plenty of people out there who, unfortunately, believe that giving their dick a rub under hot water will be enough. It isn’t, especially if they are uncircumcised. You need to roll back the foreskin and, with warm water and soap, rub every inch to get it clean enough for her lips.

If you have had a long day at work and go to see your sexy lady without a shower, you are going to be sweaty. A sweaty cock is not a turn on, and most will not want to put their lips around one. A condom means that they do not have to deal with that, as instead they can just get on with it without worrying about cock cheese.

Another big plus is when you get to orgasm. While most people give a warning of “I’m cumming”, there are some out there who enjoy giving their partner a surprise. Covered oral prevent this, which is a huge win if you don’t enjoy the taste of cum.

Covered oral vs. OWO

While OWO might feel better, as you get to enjoy every single touch and lick, many prefer covered oral simply because it deals with problems of hygiene and safe sex in one fell swoop. It is even better for those who want a blowjob to last longer, as they can simply lie back and enjoy the things that they can feel.

However, ultimately it is all down to personal preference for both you and your partner. You might like the idea of enjoy OWO, but if she would rather wrap your cock up, then you will need to figure something out. If it is a question of hygiene, then you might want to hop back into the shower for a little longer to clean yourself up.

Do you have a preference? Do you prefer covered oral or OWO? We want to hear from you. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below, or you could head over to the Escort Ireland forum and join in the discussion there.

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