The Art of Kissing

You’ve found a new crush and you want to impress them with your mind-blowing kissing technique? Or maybe you just want to spice things up with you partner?

Let’s face it: kissing is not a science, but it is an art surely, and a good kissing technique will certainly earn you point swith your partner. It is one of the oldest ways to define intimacy; even more, kissing releases chemicals to the brain that make us more relaxed and happy.

Did you know that an hour of kissing burns up to 68 calories, which is almost the same as doing two series of push-ups? Take a look at these tips that will turn you into a master of kissing:

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Get Rid of that Bad Breath

Bad breath is a major turndown, and you even may not be aware that you have one. A mint piece or chewing gum have the same effect as using cologne to mask body odour – they last for very short time, and the smell will break through eventually.

Good mouth hygiene and regular visits to the dentist are a must. You do not want to ruin the kiss before it even started.

Be Aware of the Most Common Kissing Mistakes

We all have our pet-peeves and turn-ons, but the problems start when we are focused on our needs only and the whole thing starts to get too aggressive.

A survey showed that what partners complain about most is lack of variety, so try to focus on different parts of your partner’s head, like the ears or the neck. You may find yourself amazed with the positive results.

Men and women prefer different types of kissing, and kiss for different reasons: for women, the first kiss can be a deal breaker, while men do not take it too seriously and are more concentrated on the tongue action. If she starts kissing you slowly and gently, follow her lead and intensify the tempo after a while.

Timing is Crucial

If you are preparing for your first kiss with someone, make it memorable – maybe twelve years later sitting on in front of the TV with your three children you will remember it dearly.

Couple in passionate embrace

How to recognize the right moment? If you two are alone, the chemistry is starting to kick in, and you know the other person wants it too – go ahead! However, if you have misinterpreted your partner’s reactions, do not fret, maybe they are just not ready or comfortable enough to do it.

Take it Slow with the Tongue

The general ‘technique’ is to play a little game with his/her tongue. Start slowly and don’t rush it. It is not supposed to constantly get in and out as well. Touching tongues is nothing complex; you just have to follow each other’s lead.

Avoid pressing your lips too much to your lover’s – the lip-squash is not passionate, it may be painful and your lover may not even be able to respond.

Still, if you get that unpleasant sensation of your teeth touching, you are probably trying too hard and being aggressive: stop for a moment and continue the kiss in a gentler manner. You don’t want to come out as inexperienced.

Things are Heating Up?

Your bodies touching during the kiss, and leaning towards each other is normal, but if things start to heat up, try to be sure you have read the signals properly. Your partner may be prepared to go to the next stage, but if this is your first kiss, you do not have to rush things. Maybe your partner is not ready to go any further at the moment, and you should respect that.

Don’t Overdo It

Although many married women often complain that they do not share kisses with their partners as they used to, there are also those types of steady couples that kiss hundreds of times a day. The kiss is usually a brush on the lips, which can be cute, but it can also mean that the couple has fallen into a routine.

Let the kiss always have a meaning, may it be as banal as ‘good morning sweetheart’. It will make you more aware of the kiss and make put more effort into it.

A naked couple kiss

The Ultimate Goal is Pleasure

Do not forget to enjoy the kiss. Kissing is fun and pleasurable; it should never come as a routine.

Try to experiment every once and a while: use honey, mint candy or chocolate to make your lips taste sweet and pass it over between you – your lover will never be able to resist you. Be creative and develop a kissing style of your own.

If you need any further tips, why not give one of the Galway escorts a call? They are experts in many areas, including the art of love. They will surely be able to give you some practical advice.
So good luck in becoming an expert kisser. We hope we have helped you along that journey!

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