Reasons To Sleep With Your Ex!

Exes; we all have at least one. Sometimes they’re not a huge pain in the ass, and sometimes they come in handy – especially if you’ve remained friends after the breakup. But should you sleep with them once you have broken up?

Below I will detail why it’s a good idea to sleep with your ex, but first a few disclaimers:

If you are in a new monogamous relationship, do not sleep with your ex. In fact never so much as mention them.

If you had a ragged or abusive relationship, or a particularly bitter break up do not sleep with your ex.

If your ex was terrible in bed, well sleep with them if you really want, but why bother? Go find some new hot thing to do the bed sheets rhumba!


Now – a few reasons why you should sleep with your ex!

It Can Be Easy

It’s just so easy! If you’re both still single it’s possible to find yourselves in a dry spell. Why not pick up with your old friend, who at one point in time you deemed trustworthy?

They know where you live, you know where they live, and they do that one thing you like so much. You know the thing (wink). There’s no need for carrying on and needless socializing or having a formal date, and you can just get right to the fun part.

When it’s over you can decide about staying or leaving, and literally either way is just fine for both of you.

More Open Sexual Experiences

Conversely, you know that strange feeling you get when a new person is in bed with you and they’re doing something strange or annoying, but you like them so you don’t want to make them stop and risk making them feel embarrassed? It’s way easier to tap your ex and say “hey cut it out”.

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Additionally it’s a good forum to try out that new move you read about in a magazine to see if it really is as dynamite as they say, your ex will probably give you equally honest feedback.

You then also have the opportunity to gauge if they miss you, even if they’d die before saying so. Did she get dolled up? Is that a candle he put on in the corner over there? Are they playing your favorite song? Please tell me they aren’t still keeping that box of your stuff under their bed.

You Might See an Improvement

You know the signs, and you would miss all of them if you didn’t them up on the offer to go to bed, right? And look, she’s been going to the gym and really started taking care of herself – kind of a little hottie now! Just don’t let her talk you into kale waffles in the morning…

Relationships are complicated because it’s not just you and the other person; you have to account for and “tap dance” around family members or housemates. Now that you’re broken up you don’t have to care about any of that fluff anymore. You can be as loud as you want, and talk as dirty as you want, and really finally have good, uninhibited times in the sack!

Speaking of worrying about impressions, perhaps your ex has expanded their horizons a little and are finally open to that threesome you’ve always wanted! Besides you know when exes’ get together there’s always that one-upsmanship tension, right? Push the boundaries here and go ahead and ask for that little something you were always afraid to request! Imagine your response when they say “tonight’s the night, lover!” and lead you into a whole new adventure!

They Have Seen you At Your Worst

Your ex has already seen you at your worst, so there’s no real need to be concerned about appearances, especially in the morning after. This is not to say you should show up smelling like a hobo, but not every single hair needs to be in perfect place and that spinach in your teeth isn’t the end of the world.

No Strings Attached

Finally, the biggest blessing about shacking up with an ex is that “no strings attached” conversation. Come on, haven’t we always wanted to say that, even just once? What a relief!


You’re also leaving the door open for another steamy session later on should the needs arise on both sides, and that can be quite a sexy possibility.

Well, they are some good reasons to sleep with your ex. Watch out for the Escort Ireland blog on why you shouldn’t sleep with your ex, coming soon!

Remember, if spending time your ex doesn’t float your boat, why not meet up with one of the Cork escorts?

The choice is yours!

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