Short Sex Story – Sexy Meeting With a Familiar Stranger

I’d never imagine myself grinding on one of my old college students; it’s really crazy, actually. I haven’t seen him in almost two years and I’m amazed at how much he has achieved in that length of time. I’m not just talking about his academic skills; I’m also talking about his talent to seduce and caress me on top of his bed.

Man on top of woman having morning sex

Thinking elusive yet seductive thoughts

He gave his number and told me to call him tonight. His tone was pretty brash and put me off a little bit, but there was just something about him that makes it impossible for me to peel my eyes away from him.

2 hours ago, I was sitting at my table and drank a bottle of Merlot all by myself, because I’m a lonely fool. It took me 3 glasses to get the courage in my stomach to fire up and make me dial his number.

Within 2 rings, he picked up his phone and spoke to me in a low but daring voice. It sounded as if he was drinking whiskey and smoking a cigarette while he was speaking to me. My God, it turned me on so much.

I couldn’t help but fall into an erotic trance whenever he whispered to me. The courage from my stomach poured out from my lips and I firmly said to him that I would go and stay with him at his place for the night.

I also told him that I would bring some ‘supplies’, but he ordered me to leave them behind, since he said that he would find ways to make me drench him in my juices. For a couple of minutes, my mind was filled with trivial thoughts like:

‘What should I wear?’

‘Should I put on my black underwear?’

‘What if he doesn’t like my body?’

Jeez. I’m a 30 year-old woman who is losing her cool over a 20 year-old man, who used to be a student at the sixth form. This whole ordeal just makes me think that if he wants to see me now, has he always wanted to see me when he was back at college?

I felt strange…but in a good way. In fact, I felt very happy to be given the opportunity to experience the thrill of fucking once again. I thought to myself…that I would wear my black lingerie tonight.

The night of passion in his room

So, here I am. I am sitting on his bed as he undresses in front of me. He bites his bottom lip as he unzips his jeans to reveal his majestic manhood to me.

I couldn’t help but blush; it’s the first time in a long while since I have seen a throbbing cock up close. I continue to sit innocently and placidly on his bed, while he crawls towards me and straddles me with his hot cock close to my lips.

He stares at me with his big, glassy eyes that just make me fall farther into the trance. Slowly, I let him slide his shaft down my throat and feel how hot he is inside my mouth.

His groaning and moaning made my pants wetter with every growl that he breathes out of his mouth. It feels really good to be ravaged by someone who has a lot of fire in his belly. I can’t wait anymore.

I push him off my chest gently and turned over so he could get a magnificent view of my ass; it needs attention. He lets himself grasp on both of my ass cheeks and wraps his lips around my exit hole; that is something that I have never experienced before.

After a few minutes of pleasure from his tongue, he whispers in my ear to stay calm and easy, before he thrusts his cock inside me. I feel like blacking out from the extreme pleasure that I’m experiencing right now. After leaving his cock inside me for a couple of moments, he begins to move back and forth, slowly.

My moans fill the room like a tank being filled up with water. It feels amazing. I feel alive. But the sensation reaches an end once he shoots his load inside me. He burnt his energy out too fast. Great. However, he gradually leans his torso onto my back and clutches onto my breasts like pillows, before he leans into my ear and whispers:

‘I’m not finished with you yet.’

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