Why You Shouldn’t See an Escort if Looking For Love

Whenever you’re in a bar surrounded by couples, or watching the latest ‘Fast and Furious’ movie in the cinema next to a lot of people fondling with each other, you’re bound to feel like you need a bit of love! If you’re someone who feels a little bit depressed because you’re on your own, you can’t help but think:

Depressed man on couch
Image of lonely man spending evening alone

‘God, why have you forsaken me with loneliness?!’

Furthermore, it can be hard to hold back your tears when you see couples holding their bouquet of roses on Valentines Day. Yes, everyone needs some passion and affection from other people in their lives, and seeing an escort who can give you the time and companionship that you want is no problem! But if you think that you could set up a long-term relationship with a beautiful courtesan, then you’re only going to get your heart crushed.

Meeting an escort isn’t like meeting someone from Tinder!

Guys, we’ve all been there; I’ve been there!

You see a lovely girl or guy walking down the street who catches your attention. You look at the person and you think that you might have a shot with him or her, until you see the person kissing another guy or girl right in front of you.

Most of my friends are much older than me and I always turn to them for advice about relationships. Around 8 out of 10 of my mates have said that the older you get, the harder it would be for you to find new people to get acquainted with…and fuck.

Tinder doesn’t help you with your love crisis either. After flicking one person to the right, you’ve only jumped over the first hurdle. The other one would be to actually meet up with the hot guy or girl. Come to think about it, arranging an encounter with an escort from a directory is not so different in comparison to arranging an encounter with some dude with a hipster beard on Tinder. The difference between an escort encounter and a Tinder encounter is that with Tinder, there is potential for an intimate relationship to flourish, but an escort relationship doesn’t and let me tell you why.

The many obstacles that you would have to face

Gentlemen, one thing that you have to know that pleasure is their business; they wouldn’t meet you if you weren’t paying for their time and companionship. It would be a rare occurrence for an escort and client relationship develop into something more intimate and sentimental.

Some people can’t help but gradually fall in love with someone who they’ve made love with underneath the bed sheets. But if an escort notices that you’re beginning to have feelings for her, she would break it to you and say that she wouldn’t be able to book future meetings with you anymore. She would only do this for the benefit of her and your well-being.

If you do proceed to have a relationship with a courtesan, then you have to think about what obstacles may occur in the relationship. Would you be able to handle her meeting other men or women if she wants to continue being an escort? I can be sure that not a lot of guys would like that in all honesty. It would be as if a guy would tell me that he’s fine with me sleeping with other guys, but would also state that he would be jealous if I do. In my opinion, you’re only going to get hurt in the end if you proceed to have a relationship with a gorgeous lady who offers her time and companionship to clients to put the roof over her head.

For the escort, she wouldn’t want to put her business in jeopardy. Depending on how long she has been working in the escorting industry, she wouldn’t want anything to tamper with her routine. I remember watching a reality TV show about gigolos and there was one guy who was already in a long-term relationship for a year or two. I didn’t know if there were some parts of the show that were edited for entertainment purposes, because you never know with reality TV shows nowadays, but his girlfriend’s facial expression always changed when her boyfriend went away to an appointment. I can say that this kind of feeling would hit you whenever your girlfriend arranges another encounter and leaves you to meet her client; you can’t lie about that.

All hope is not lost!

However, this article isn’t about restricting you from seeing an escort if you want to have some companionship with her. Escorts won’t be able to give you the love that you may desire in your life, but they can help you to develop the tricks and skills so that, one day, you will find someone who would be available for you to love and make love to, without anyone else getting in between you two.

In fact, a person who would have social anxiety issues would benefit from having a couple of meetings with as lovely courtesan. She would be able to teach you how to behave and how to make a lady feel comfortable around you. The most suitable escorts that would help give you the skills the need to pick up a date with another woman, would be the one’s who’d provide you with GFE services (girlfriend experiences). Most of the escorts wouldn’t give you kisses, but there are some, as I’ve mentioned, that you give you the sensuality that you’d dream about with another female.

Furthermore, there is nothing wrong with treating your chosen escort like a goddess by thanking her with gifts for her time with you. One would definitely appreciate you giving her something sweet like roses, champagne or a new pair of shoes!

Gentlemen, it’s OK to yearn for some sweet romance in your lives, but like trying to figure out which car would give you the horsepower that you’re looking for, you’d have to be wise and decisive on who you want to give your love to. It can be very easy to develop feelings for a woman who you’ve been meeting with on numerous occasions, such as an escort.

However, if you don’t want to end up like Joseph Gorden-Levitt in ‘500 Days of Summer’ when he was smashing all of his plates after getting dumped by Zooey Deschanel, then don’t fall in love with a beautiful escort, or try not to at least!

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One thought on “Why You Shouldn’t See an Escort if Looking For Love”

  1. I’m a 28 year old guy (almost 29). I’ve never had a girlfriend and I’ve never had sex. I am thinking of just giving up on finding someone, and just try to have sex any way possible but i have reservations about seeing an escort as i think it’s dangerous. I would much rather be with someone I’m in love with.

    I am very good looking (not trying to toot my own horn, but I am) and I dress well and I am an interesting person with a good job and fun interests but no one ever seems interested in me which is extremely frustrating.

    I am kind of shy, so that could be a factor I’ve tried speed dating and dating agencies but it led to nothing as woman seem to only want overly alpha male tattooed rugby player types (i am built ban muscular but i’m thin) I think the fact that I’m funny woman see me in a friendly clownish way, everyone says I’m hilarious but there is a lot more to me than being funny. As the years pass it gets harder and more terrifying! I’m not ashamed I am just worried that a woman in this day and age probably wouldn’t want to sleep with a 28 year old virgin. I lament all the wasted years of my youth and getting older and approaching 30 is bothering me.

    Loneliness and the fact I have yet to experience physical intimacy is making me very depressed and interfering with my life in a very negative way.

    If you can offer any advice that would be great.

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