Why Have TS Escorts Become So Popular?

One thing we have noticed over recent years is a huge rise in the number of TS escorts coming into the industry and getting rave reviews. They come in all varieties, post-op, pre-op, male and female. No matter what your type is, there will be somebody for you.

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But why have we seen this rise in popularity? Well, it is fair to say there are many reasons which we are going to discuss today.

1) There are More Transgender People

We are living in more enlightened times. Leaving aside whether you believe people can be born in the wrong body or not, we are in a society where if you believe that you born in the wrong body, you are entitled to do something about it.

It is fair to say that many people are taking advantage of this freedom and are making the changes they want. With an increase in the trans population, more will naturally go into the sex industry. It is simple maths.

2) People are More Accepting of Trans People

Back when I was younger, sadly, trans people were seen as a bit weird. There are still people who will think like that, but in general we are becoming more accepting. This will mean that many men and women will want to meet trans people for fun, rather than seeing them as something to be mocked or felt sorry for.

Obviously, there is still a long way to go before we gain total acceptance and equality, but we are on the right path no doubt.

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3) Trans Women are SO Feminine

It is incredible how modern trans women look. Maybe it is something to do with modern surgery, or just them really learning how to use make up properly, but it can be argued that they look even better than many natural born women.

Therefore, if you are coming from an angle where you consider trans women real women, then why the hell wouldn’t you want to meet them?

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4) Anal Fun

This is a big one. Many men want anal fun, with a penis being inserted into their ass. Still, there is one main problem with this. If you want a penis in your bum, or to play with one, a man would usually have to be involved, and many people who want to do that don’t identify as gay or bisexual. How are they going to have that kind of fun then?

Well this is where transexuals can be useful. Those who haven’t had the chop are able to perform the service, and as they identify as women, the man won’t feel in any quandary as to whether he has performed a gay act or not. Obviously, this isn’t the case for everyone, but usually those who see transexual women don’t see themselves as gay.

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5) It is Different To The Usual Meeting

For many who go the transexual route, they do it because it adds a level of spiciness. They are often bored with the usual meetings with ‘natural born women’ so want to try something a bit different. It is that trip into the exotic that encourages many clients to visit escorts in the first place, so as an extension of that, many will want to meet a companion who is different to their usual tastes.

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6) You Don’t Usually Meet Transexuals in Daily Life

It is true they are becoming more prevalent, but still, they are only a small proportion of the population. Therefore, if you want to meet one, it isn’t something that isn’t likely to happen organically.

This is where the sex industry comes in handy. If you want to meet a TS, then you are likely to have to visit a companion. This is spotted by many transgender people who see it as a wonderful business opportunity.

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Now it is pretty obvious that transexuals are not for everyone. Some will still consider it a bit weird. But that is fine, as long as we don’t go into the realms of bigotry. For those who do, there is a booming industry which I feel we are only scratching the surface of.

If you fancy seeing a transexual escort in your area, even if it is your first time, click on the button below. You will be in for one hell of a date.

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