Tips For Seeing a Transexual Escort For The First Time!

Seeing a transexual is not a new trend among men all over the world. The only new thing nowadays is that people are more open about wanting to meet a TS escort.

Fabric texture of the Gay flag background
Fabric texture of the Gay flag background

Why wouldn’t they? It seems like this is the ultimate escorting experience for all men who are eager to try something new and different. A friend of mine who recently came back from Thailand told me that no female courtesan provided the kind of fun a transexual companion did.

Of course, I asked him why and his answered amazed me, as it totally made sense. He said that the transexual call girl loves being a woman so much that she doesn’t hold back from anything. She has a strong feminine part that drives men completely aroused. However, at the same time she is strong and knows how to satisfy a man’s desires.

So, when you see a transexual call girl all you have to do is accept the immense pleasure you are offered. However, just like my friend, who is now an expert in TS courtesans told me, there are some things you have to keep in mind when seeing a TS escort for the first time.

Choosing Your Transexual Escort

Just like when you first see any type of escort, you have to take things easy. In this particular case, begin with answering to the question that’s in your head while looking at the ladies’ profiles: “Am I Gay?”

NO, you are definitely not gay! If you were gay you wouldn’t be staring at the TS escorts’ round sexy boobs right now, were you?

Now that you know you’re straight, how do you choose your date? First of all, you should think about what exactly you are looking for. Are you eager to experience the feminine passion that made transexual ladies so famous? Do you want to know how a penis feels? Don’t freak out, there are many others just like you, who want the penis experience so badly, but only as long as it is not attached to a fellow male.

Depending on what you are looking for, you can choose from the transexual ladies who only receive hormone therapy and those who already had sex change surgeries, in order to line up their body with the gender they identify with. Those with the surgery are ‘post op’, and those waiting or who are only at the start of their procedure are ‘pre-op’.
What’s the difference? The penis, of course!

Treat Her Like the Lady She Is

As you can see when you check the profiles on our website, the TS escorts, are not only feminine but extremely beautiful and attractive. It is obvious that they feel like females and act like ladies. And that definitely make them women, right?

Now, do you know what this means? It doesn’t matter if it is the first time you are face to face with a transexual, you have to treat that woman just like she deserves! So, don’t act like a jerk even if you are facing the unknown! Treat your TS escort like a lady if you want her to treat you like her king!

Hey Girl, How Big Is Your Penis?

Another thing you have to keep in mind when seeing a TS escort for the first time is whether you want to be penetrated or you just want other kinky games. Anyway, you have to prepare for that properly.

In the first place, before calling your favourite courtesan, make sure you read her descriptions. Does she offer what you want? If she does, then contact her and set up a date. Make sure you book an hour or even longer since it’s your first time and you might need more time to relax.

In case you are interested in penetration, you might want to see a TS escort who does not have a huge penis. You get the idea, don’t you?

It’s Only Kinky the First Time

After you understood that seeing a TS escort does not make you gay and, considering all of the above, you finally found and contacted a lovely lady, you need to get ready for the sexy rendezvous.

Condoms? Well, she will definitely have them, and my opinion is that a condom is something you always have to wear.

Also, you have to be relaxed and a glass of wine might help. But, don’t get drunk. This is a rule for seeing every type of call girls. Don’t you know that? In this case, you should check out our useful punter’s guide and see if there are other things you need to be aware of when seeing escorts.

What else? Well, you have to tell her it is your first time. This way, she will take her time in making you feel comfy and in getting you ready for the unforgettable experience. Also, be honest with what you want and don’t ask her for things she did not advertise. It’s like you post an ad about selling a table and somebody comes to your house trying to take your couch. That’s uncool, man!

But these are just a few tips you should consider when seeing a TS escort for the first time. However, if you are trying to orchestrate the whole meeting, you should stop that now. That’s not your job! Your courtesan will take really good care of you while you relax and enjoy yourself.

How About the Morning After?

Though most men understand that there is nothing gay about having some sexy fun with a transexual, some are concerned about the idea of liking sex with a transexual more than sleeping with women.

I asked my friend who not only that is an expert in seeing TS escorts now but also has friends who frequently enjoy such an experience. What he said was that you might like it a little or a lot, and many people want to do it again.

However, this does not have to interfere with your normal life. As he said some people think too much when things are a bit different but everything is quite easy and…” pleasure is pleasure”!

If you enjoyed reading our tips and advice, spread the word so more people have the chance to learn about how to get ready for seeing a TS escort for the first time. Sharing is caring, isn’t it?

Last, but definitely not least, in case you have anything to add, or ask please feel free to comment in the box below, or join our online community and tell us your stories!

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