The Different Types of Massage

Our bodies hide an impressive number of hot spots that can trigger pleasure and sexual feelings. We might not even know what makes us happy, but there are some people who are very aware of the less obvious pleasure zones we have.

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Yes, I am talking about the massage specialists, who can offer us satisfaction by rubbing passion points we’ve lived with since forever but had no idea what they can do to our mind.

“I Hate Getting a Massage” Said No One Ever

Stress is what seems to be killing us, one by one. So, we have to do something to get rid of it from time to time, and enjoying a massage is a pretty good start, isn’t it? People are used to going to specialised salons for getting a relaxing back rub and it works, for most of them.

However, more and more people prefer having the massage experience with an escort. This is understandable since it might feel like a more natural environment, and let’s be honest, our eyes “need a treat” as much as our bodies do. So, besides the various types of massage to choose from, a beautiful lady (or, depending on your preferences, a handsome man) can enhance the whole experience.

“Tease Me…Touch Me”

Many people find themselves dreaming about a relaxing massage, but they stop at scrolling on our website and drooling at the hot escorts who advertise their abilities. Why do they do this? Some are just shy, while others still believe that an escort is only a name for somebody who offers sex.

Well, guess what? An escort can provide you with a divine kneading and many of them know amazing ways to satisfy people who are too shy to get naked, who have back pains or muscle problems or just need a relaxing rubbing, without any sexual meaning.

So, how about starting your escort massage experience with baby steps? REFLEXOLOGY is a great option, in this case. The escort will apply pressure to your hands and feet, using thumb, finger and hand techniques without oil or lotion. The whole idea is to help you get rid of your daily stress.

If you want your whole body to be massaged but getting undressed is out of the question, you can always book a CLOTHED MASSAGE. Yes, you are going to be fully clothed so, there is nothing to be shy about.

Also, some of the people who feel uncomfortable to take off their clothes but want to enjoy a full body massage, go for SHIATSU or THAI MASSAGE. What do these mean? Well, the first one is a Japanese procedure that stands on Chinese medicine and includes mostly a massage with fingers, thumbs and palms.

The Thai performance is a technique based on an ancient healing routine and Indian Ayurvedic principles. You should expect an escort who, combining acupressure and assisted yoga position, will make you feel like a new-born!

Furthermore, there are many escorts who are experts in offering SPORTS MASSAGE. This means that if you take part in sports activities and have pain or muscles issues, a beautiful girl (or boy, of course) will take good care of your problems. I know you can get this in a medical institution, as well. But will you also get the beautiful girl?

Are you a classic person who feels quite confused because of so many types of massage? Well, relax, there are also escorts who offer what is known as classic or SWEDISH MASSAGE. This is very common in the West and, even though it involves oils and you have to lose your clothes, you don’t need to be fully undressed. So yes, shy people, you can cover your special zones, just like you do when you go to a salon. The only difference is the one already mentioned: you also get an amazing “view”.

Wait, there is more! Did you think that people go to escorts only for deep throats? Well, allow me to contradict you! DEEP TISSUE massage is another great technique that is offered by many escorts to people who have continuous pain, mobility problems or inflammations due to circulation issues.
So, you might be scared of grumpy doctors but a sexy escort will give you all the comfort you need while making you release tension and feel healthier.

By now you should be ready to go into more interesting things. However, taking this step-by-step is the smart choice. If you want to try something really exotic, but without any sexual involvement, go for HOT-STONE MASSAGE or AROMATHERAPY.

Don’t be scared, there’s nothing kinky about them. The first involves hot stones to enhance the massage while the second implicates naturally extracted aromatic essences that have an interesting effect on our brains. No, they don’t blow our mind, but they relax both our body and mind, creating a balance between them.

As you can see, there can be nothing sexual in a massage given by an escort. But many people are very interested in the most amorous techniques that they can obtain when seeing an escort. So, hoping you lost your timidity by now, let’s find out more about how hot can a massage go!

Relax and “ Let’s Get Naked!”

A clothed massage can be relaxing, but nothing compares to a naked one, especially when both people are fully undressed. This is not only relaxing but also extremely erotic. Feeling and seeing a beautiful escort touching your body and teasing you, without massaging your genitals is extremely seductive and many people prefer experiencing this kind of rousing massage before going further.

Being gently touched can sometimes be more powerful than sex. Yes, a good massage can make you feel in heaven especially if you are on a date with an escort who masters the TANTRIC MASSAGE. Combining traditional massage with releasing sexual energy, the escort will make you feel even better than you do when having sex. Or at least that’s what people say about their experiences!

If tantric massage is not erotic enough for you, you should definitely try the BODY TO BODY adventure. A sexy escort, wearing hot underwear or no underwear at all will offer you the experience of your life when massaging you with her amazing body. Can you imagine something sexier than this? If you said “no” you probably never had a SOAPY MASSAGE. This is such a sensual experience that you will never forget it. What does it involve? Well, lots of bubbles and a deliciously hot escort who climbs on you, naked and full of soap and slips up and down your body.

And if soap is not what you have in mind, how about oil? Well, not usual oil, but a special one. I am talking to NURU MASSAGE, an amazing experience based on an ancient Japanese erotic technique. What does this mean? It’s quite simple actually: the sexy escort covers you in nuru oil ( this is a special oil that allows her body to slip) and then gets messy! Yes, you guessed, she offers you an exclusive body-to-body massage!

“ Trust Me, You Need Me to Knead You!”

Some people have a special fantasy that involves a FOUR HANDS massage. If you are one of them, it’s time to search for the escorts that give you that. Don’t be shy, we all dream about two people pampering our body so go for it. And if you want to go deeper, book a GENITAL MASSAGE. No, this doesn’t refer to masturbation. It is actually an interesting way of stimulating circulation in your special area,

Yes, you can also have a HAPPY ENDING massage if you want one. What does this mean? It depends on you, actually. Some think about it like a hand-job, while other see it also as a for of oral sex. Either way, the ending is really happy, no matter if it goes in the mouth, on the face or somewhere else.

If this is not the way you want your orgasm to come, how about a PROSTATE MASSAGE? As you probably know the prostate is in the anus but it can also be stimulated externally. It actually depends on you and you should discuss with your escort before.

As you can see there are many types of massage escorts can offer you. Now, depending on your desires, you should find the right escort. How do you do that? Well, when going on our website you can base your search on the type of massage you want and you’ll get a list of the escorts who offer that.

You will also notice MALE GROOMING there so, if you want somebody to make you pretty down there, don’t be shy and let her entertain your penis while shaving your special area, supposing waxing is too scary.

So, once you found the one that offers the type of massage you need, just give her a call and discuss your expectations. Maybe you want it to be done in a certain manner, so check if she ( or he) is into that. Now, in case you’re a newbie, start with something “easy” to become comfortable. I can assure you that you’ll get to the hot, kinky things in no time. We all do!

Anna Smith

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