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As you know, I have been fighting the Swedish model for two years in Northern Ireland now and in spite of my best attempts, it came into law on June 1st. I have instructed Counsel and am ready to raise a judicial review at the High Court in Belfast. It’s going to cost £7,000 to get heard, and that’s where you come in.

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Please don’t assume that because it’s NI, it won’t affect you, it will. I’m hoping the case will go all the way to Europe so we can have the Swedish model struck down, once and for all and the state will leave consenting adults ALONE.

Here’s how you can donate –

There’s a fund raising page set up here which will be a Paypal payment. (Ultimate goal on the page is set at 30k because I just don’t know how far it will go, and I’m also raising a Supreme Court challenge in the Republic of Ireland)

If you prefer, you can donate via online banking to the following Santander account – 090132 33624686.

I will of course let you know how it’s going. I won’t stop until this battle is won, you have my word on that.

Many, many thanks.

Laura Lee

2 thoughts on “Laura Lee Blog – I Need Your Help!”

  1. Hi Laura,

    I would like to congratulate you for fighting this cruel and unenforceable, proposed law, I admire your courage, and your intelligence to stand up for the silent majority of people who would never agree to trafficking but also employ escorts.

    The issue of prostitution has been deliberately mixed up with trafficking and all manner of silly side shows. Consenting adults have the right to be left alone to receive pleasure for money. Even Amnesty International have voted recently to decriminalise it. It is just unbelievable that such a gang of religious and moral nuts have dominated the headlines so much.
    Once again, well done, I will donate to the account tomorrow, you have my deepest admiration and support always.


  2. I am a total wimp and I have to admit that the legislation has put me off. i am personally aware of 4 arrests to date. E,I, has not highlighted the issue and there are many (both consultants and clients) who have a woeful understanding of the new law.

    Until such times as Laura is successful, some practical advice should be published on the site as to whatsomeone unfort#unate enough to be arrested should do. E.I. make quite enough out of this industry to support Laura with her court case and to provide helpful advice on the newlegislation.

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