Sexting Tips: Knowing The Right Things To Send

You’re not always going to be close by to the person you really want to flirt shamelessly with, which is why so many people are using sexting as the perfect foreplay tool. It gives you the chance to tease your partner and let them know exactly what you want to do to their body, all while being far away from them. You don’t have to be in the same city to do it, and if you are planning to meet them later it is a great way to show them more of what will follow.

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However, a lot of people are a bit clueless when it comes to sexting. They aren’t sure of the right things to say and send, and sometimes that can leave them in a tight spot. They might find they aren’t saying enough and their partner is getting bored, or they might go into so much detail that it takes a few minutes for your phone to actually send the message, and when it does your partner feels overwhelmed by what you’ve sent. We have some great tips to help you know the right things to send.

What is your end goal?

Before you ever pick up the phone to start sexting, you need to figure out what the end goal is. Are you just eager to sext as a way of flirting, or do you hope to join them afterwards and show them that you can walk the walk as well as talk the talk?

If you don’t figure out what you want, you might find yourself feeling so turned on and horny that you want to see your partner immediately, and if you’ve been sexting an escort you will find that they might be booked up for the evening.

A lot of people choose to use sexting as a way to turn their partner on before they actually get to see them. For many it cuts out a lot of the foreplay, as they will start anticipating your arrival and get very excited when you finally arrive.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you should skip the foreplay. You might want to, but they may still need you to demonstrate your skills and we can bet that you will only be too happy to oblige.

Be descriptive, not lengthy

Sexts are short. Usually you only have a certain number of characters in a text message that you can use, so sticking to just one message (two at most) is a good way to keep the numbers down.

The problem is that sometimes we get a little carried away. We are so eager to go into detail about the things that we want to do to them that we end up writing a short erotic story or even an essay that they have to read.

You might be find doing that, but it means you will be waiting for longer for a reply. They will feel as though they have to write something lengthy back, and they might even decide that it just isn’t worth it.

Instead, try to be descriptive without giving the entire story away. It gives your partner a chance to interact with the erotic scenario and give their reactions to it, and you will find it is much hotter when they don’t react in the way you thought they might. Short and sweet is always better when sexting than long and lengthy.

Don’t do the impossible

There is a huge temptation when sending dirty sexts to look online for ideas. You might want to see the kind of things that others have said for ideas, and you might even just copy directly and see how your partner reacts.

Okay, so there isn’t anything really wrong with that, as long as you read the replies careful and make it seem like you, but something you definitely don’t want to do is send a sext that describes you doing something you can’t.

For a start, it sets your partner’s expectations for the things that you can do pretty high, and if you then can’t fulfil this need when you meet them they will be left feeling disappointed, and you might not actually get a sext back in the future.

Keep things realistic. If you haven’t been able to make a woman squirt, don’t promise to. Instead say that you’d love to try together and see if you can get her to squirt. It leaves it open so that, if you fail, it won’t be too hard for her to take, but it also suggests that you want to try and that she will get a lot of pleasure on the journey.

About dick pics…

Sending unsolicited dick pics is a no. Almost all of the time that a man sends a picture of his erect penis in his hand with a nice, arty filter put over it, the receiver will look at it and either delete it or show it to friends for a laugh before deleting it and blocking your number.

It can be tempted to send a picture to show them what their saucy words are doing to you, but it is much more fun to describe it… and if you really must send a picture of your cock, make sure it is only in response to pictures they send to you.

If they ask for a picture, or they send one to you showing how wet and horny they are, that is when it is okay to send a dick pic. Even then, don’t spend half an hour trying to get the perfect one. The odds are that they will be bored by then and have moved on, so make it snappy!

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