Punters Go Crazy After Irish Euro Win!

Hey, guys! And girls… whoever is reading this piece right now. As most of you already know by now, Ireland won against Italy in the Euro 2016 earlier this week, which sends them through to the last 16. Congratulations! You should raise your pint of Guinness in the air and chant with your friends at your local pub.

Ireland Euro 2016 infographic

Really, you should. Even if you have already celebrated Ireland’s Euro victory against Italy, you should go out and buy another pint of Guinness for yourself.

Along with the number of pints that were downed out of sheer joy in the Irish pubs, the percentage of guys looking at all of the sexy girls on Escort Ireland increased as well, by 30% compared to the average Wednesday. I don’t know if this phrase has been used before, but seeing your national football team win a match can make you want to spend some quality time with all of the lovely courtesans on the site, or make you as horny as fuck.

All of us in the office are so happy that you’ve decided to turn to the directory instead of the other banal search that you could have clicked onto. I’ve got to say, it was one hell of a Sexual Wednesday that the site has ever experienced; pardon the Jenna Marbles reference. Don’t believe us? The infographic above will show you more.

So, after gazing at all of the hot girls on your screens, and booking your flights to go off to Lyon to watch the Euro match against France, you need to figure out how to fulfil your desire to get acquainted with some very provocative ladies, and what to do before and after the game!

Before the kick off

Of course, you can’t fly to Lyon to solely watch the game. What would you do before and after the match? Sit back in your hotel room and sip on cups of tea? Come on…

If you’re going to visit a foreign, you have to wander around a little bit and see what the life is like in Lyon.

I’m pretty sure that the escorts that you’d hang out with would like to go to a few places before the game would begin…where, though?

Well, you need to be chilled and relaxed before the match starts, right?

There’s no point for you to get rallied up before and during the game, only to pass out on the bed! If anything, you need to be fueled up so you can use that energy to cheer the Ireland Euro team on!

Why don’t you experience what the Lyonnaise cuisine is like at ‘Café Sillon’? Try some pollack with petits pois with a hot courtesan, where she would show you how she eats with a knife and fork. You have to admit it; hot women look hotter when they eat seductively in front of you…

If you prefer to watch the hot courtesan eat on the go and see all the attractions instead, make sure that you get the chance to go to Fourvière, a district where you can watch concerts, go to the museums, visit art galleries, and play around in the parks. You know, all of the outdoorsy activities that you can do before you wear your green, white and orange colours with pride at the Stade de Lyon at 2pm.

After the Euro match

Whether Ireland wins or loses against France on Sunday, you should still have your pint of Guinness at hand. Where can you get that pint? At Kelly’s Irish Pub on 12 Quai Romain Rolland, that’s where you can get that pint of Guinness. Either there, or at the Livestation DIY bar, where you can be sure that you can buy jugs of beer and tonnes of food that would get you through the long and lively night.

However, before you do any of these activities that I’ve mentioned at the beginning, make sure that you’ve booked yourself a fucking room at a hotel before you arrive! Or you will be left disappointed.

If you’re going to be in the company of many gorgeous escorts that know what you get like when you’re favourite team won a match, I’d recommend that you reserve an en-suite room at Hotel Okko. The venue offers you fancy amenities like Nespresso machines and a ‘club room’ instead of a restaurant. One thing that you should keep in mind when it comes to gorgeous escorts is that they love to keep you company in style.

Seriously, they do. Well, not all of them. Most would actually enjoy having a pint of Guinness with you at Kelly’s Irish Pub before indulging in a bit of ‘me and you’ time back at the hotel room.

Now, some of the Irish folks love that ‘morning after’ feeling, where you want to finish the escort encounter off by having breakfast together at cute café. If you’re one of those folks, you’d be happy to hear that the Le Café du Rhône on 23 Quai Victor Augagneur can give you the French breakfast that you’re dying to taste. It’s the last thing that you should do before you fly back to Ireland!

Come on, Ireland!

Depending on whether you’ve booked a couple of days or a whole week off from work to go and watch the Euro match against France, it’s encouraged that you keep supporting Ireland in the next game, so that can raise your spirits high and party like it’s the new millennium all over again.

Speaking from my perspective, Sunday is the day that lowers my spirits, due to the fact that I know I have to drag my body into the office the next day. However, when you go and watch the game in Lyon, you can turn that depressing Sunday into a sexy Sunday.

Hell, turn that Sunday into ‘Sexual Sunday’, a day where you and your chosen Irish escort can cheer the Ireland team when they play at the Stade de Lyon. Come on, Ireland!

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