Prisoner Who Had 91 Hour Erection Sues Officials Who He Says Mocked Him!

A former jail inmate in Oklahoma, USA, is suing authorities after claiming that correction officers laughed about him having a 91 hour erection and refused him medical treatment.

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David Lance, 32, said he was in in unbearable pain and has suffered permanent damage to his penis after the incident which occurred when he got a pill from another prisoner.

He says he repeatedly asked for help because of his ordeal but staff ‘ mocked him while denying him medical treatment’.

His lawsuit against Pittsburg County jail in McAlester, Oklahoma, states that staff should have known that his erection could have been damaging.
Lance was jailed on December 15th last year for burglary and possession of a controlled dangerous substance.

On the 19th he was sent to a medical facility, but the damage was already permanent.

Doctors were unable to treat Lance’s penis and ‘told defendants the plaintiff needed to be seen by a urologist specialist’ immediately.

However, there was an extra delay when deputies reportedly took him back to jail to organise a recognisance bond.

He was released later that day, and by February all charges had been dropped.

Man suing over erection

Major Damages

Lance is seeking $5 million damages and names Pittsburg County Sheriff Chris Morris, the Pittsburg County Board of County Commissioners, and three deputies among the defendants. 10 employees of the Sheriff’s Office are also on his list.

Morris however, disagrees his department have done anything wrong.

“If our inmates need medical care, we give it to them”, Morris said.

Former Pittsburg County Sheriff Joel Kerns, who was sheriff at the time, said he could not recall whether the incident was brought to his attention.

Well we won’t comment on this story particularly as we have no idea who knew what. I also doubt our friend wanted to take THAT kind of pill, and may have been miss-sold his drugs. Well, if you can’t trust a prison drug dealer, who can you trust?

Be Careful of These Drugs

On a serious note, it does go to how that you shouldn’t be putting random pills down you if you want to get hard for longer. Yes that may not have been what the drug was given to him for, but stuff like that is randomly sold and would have had the same effect even if it was his intention. Unless you go to a doctor and they prescribe you something like Viagra (which they do as a last resort) then never trust anything your mate may give you, or what you get online. They may not be put together right, so there is a major chance you will have some uncontrollable erection which can cause serious damage.

There are ways to get a hard dick for longer without resorting to using drugs. Lara did a fantastic piece on staying hard which certainly beats drug use.

91 hours though? All I can say is ‘owwwwwww’.

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