Kilkenny GAA Cup Winners Celebrate With Strippers!

In news that has taken the GAA world by storm, images have emerged of a team celebrating a major cup final win with a pair of strippers.

player with strippers

St. Patricks Ballyragget triumphed in the Intermediate County Final in Kilkenny on Sunday after defeating Graigue-Ballycallan. Well, it seems they wanted to have one hell of a party afterwards.

A Party For The Ages

After downing a significant number of pints, half naked players danced away with topless strippers and their well earned cup in pictures that have gone viral worldwide.

Needless to say, social media has gone wild for the story.

One joked: “Some pups in Ballyragget. #intermediateCelebrationsGoneWild”.

Another quipped: “Finally. My time has come to create the perfect hashtag. I’d say there are a few lads waking up with #ballyregrets this morning #ballyragget”.

Someone else added: “Just stuck my transfer papers in there to join #Ballyragget. They seem to have a good set up”.

player with strippers

Unhappy Campers

Sadly it seems that not everyone is happy about this party. Castlecomer county councillor, John Brennan, said he feared the lewd activities at the party on Tuesday were “spoiling the whole party for everyone” following a “fantastic achievement” in winning the county final.

“I don’t know whether it was stage-managed or anything… It’s not something that people would be used to have happening. For a couple of people to come in and do something like that, people will be shocked.”

Leinster Council CEO Michael Reynolds distanced himself from the events, stating it was an issue for the Kilkenny County Board, and also GAA headquarters at Croke Park.

“It’s nothing to do with us,” he told The Irish Times. “It’s my understanding that it was a private function… It was supposed to be a 21st party or some kind of party. It wasn’t the night of the match. We’ll just have to wait and see how it pans out. Maybe something will come to light that we don’t know about.”

player with stripper

Quite unsurprisingly, our moral guardians in Ruhama are up in arms about what happened, stating that GAA wasn’t a ‘safe space for women’ and that ‘objectifying women was no way to celebrate a win’.

A Surprising Result

For us, maybe the most interesting news comes from our analytics department. There has been a huge rise in people searching for escorts and strippers around GAA games. I can only think that other teams and fans have been inspired by the idea and are wanting to do their own party. I can understand that as it does seem like something from ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’.

I hope they had a good time, and the team should know that despite their high profile detractors, most people are glad they had fun, even if not every team in Kilkenny is pleased it was them who won the cup.

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