How a Lesbian Escort Meeting Works!

When you hear the word ‘escort’, what is the first thing that you think about? Most of the friends that I’ve asked pictured a lady wearing a red velvet dress with black stilettos, and diamonds that’d probably cost the same as my mother’s life; you got to thank ‘Pretty Women’ for providing us with a stereotype for escorts.

Sexy lesbian lovers kissing on bed, foreplay

Contrary to what you may think, it is EXACTLY what most escorts would look life, the ones that hang on the arms of their male punters. But what about the courtesans who hang on the arms of their female punters? What do they look like?

Well, as far as I’m aware of, lesbian escorts aren’t any different to what heterosexual escorts look like, and lesbian punters don’t particularly look any different to your ‘average’ woman. To be honest, it’s understandable to feel weird about a woman paying for pleasure from another woman because we don’t hear about it often enough; we aren’t desensitised to it.

However, it doesn’t mean that lesbian escorts don’t exist, we just need to be more aware of what they’re like, what they do, and how much they charge so that one day I would be able to enjoy the company of one of the gorgeous ladies.

What are they like?

What are they like? Hmm, that is a good question.

They’re just like any woman you’d see walking along the street, or drinking in a coffee shop, or playing Pokemon Go! On their Samsung Galaxies, but they just like women. Do you still think that is a good question?

Lesbian escorts would act like how any courtesan would when she’d encounter her client. They’d first meet their punters at home or in a fancy bar where they can have a drink, they chat for a little while or go straight to the hotel room, they’d get their rates handed to them in cash, and then they do whatever intimate deeds they made in their agreement.

What do they do?

If you’ve had a look at the list of escort favourites on the Escort England directory, a lesbian escort would be able to do all of the services that wouldn’t involve cocks and spunk. Of course, they would be able to provide strap-on services for those that still enjoy vaginal orgasms; it’s not like they’re staunch misandrists that throw out the first phallic object they see in front of them.

Therefore, you wouldn’t see a massive difference between a lesbian escort’s services, and a heterosexual escort’s services. One more thing, they do know that they would encounter ladies that are either curious, or uncertain about their sexual orientation, so they also provide ‘companionship only’ services for those that aren’t ready to do any kind of indoor recreational activity with the courtesans yet.

HOW do they do it?

If I were to give you an answer to this question, I would divert you to PornHub. However, since I love being descriptive, I would give you a different answer. In my opinion, I would imagine that they would do it for longer than 30 minutes, as the average time it takes for a woman to cum is longer than 20 minutes, and we all know how much women love foreplay.

I guess a lesbian courtesan would fuck the same way as two female pornstars would in the bedroom; they’d do a lot of pussy licking, fingering, sixty-nining, tribbing, and so on. I don’t think you really need me to answer this question, do you? You can just use your imagination and accidentally get hard, or wet, at the thought of it.

To be honest, I don’t know why we haven’t heard enough articles, stories, or even directories that are dedicated to lesbian escorts. There are plenty of sites, like this one, that give you the choice to search for bisexual escorts, but I am aware that some women are quite picky when it comes to other women.

I mean, Megan Fox said that she would only date lesbian women, and not bisexual ones, just because ‘they also sleep with men, and men are so dirty that ‘she’d never want to sleep with a girl who had slept with a man.’ That’s fucking harsh, Megan. I know that she’s made this statement in 2009, so I hope that she had reevaluated that statement in the seven years that have passed; we are waiting to find out.

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