Escort Advice – Should I Tell My Family I’m An Escort?

When operating in the secret world of an escort, whether full time, part time or occasionally, is it wise to tell significant others such as your family or boyfriend that you are an escort? We weigh up the pros and cons of admitting this to your loved ones.

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Pro: Safety

Escorting is a risky business, late night calls to strange homes, overnight stays and dealing with completely new characters every day is just some of the things an escort has to deal with. It can be an emotional rollercoaster. When you have more people involved, they can look out for you, act as security and generally support you. Telling a sister or brother or even boyfriend can mean you will get added security and they are in the loop, so can be on the ball if you need support at any time.

Con: Judgement

It´s no surprise that being an escort comes with lots of stigma, it is a controversial job choice and of course it can bring ridicule, concern and judgement from others, especially the ones you love most. People will mostly be concerned for safety and want to know that you are being safe and looking after yourself. But then there could be a deeper sense of ridicule and even disowning if you tell family members. But this is the risk that you need to weigh up.

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Pro: Relief

Leading a double life is tiring. Many escorts live in an insular world which can be quite a pressure to maintain. Telling somebody close to you can be a huge relief, sharing your personal information can make you feel lighter and more at ease with yourself. They say a problem halved is a problem shared, your load may feel lighter when there is somebody you can tell in confidence.

Con: Privacy

If you think about it, everybody´s sex life has the right to remain completely private and personal, does it really matter if it is always kept private, that’s your sex life and you shouldn’t feel ashamed to want to keep it private. If you tell the wrong person and the information ends up in the wrong hands there could be disastrous consequences.

We hope we´ve given a fair weigh up of the pros and cons and the best thing is to go with your gut instinct on this type of decisions. What do you escorts think? Let us know in the comments section below or in the forum?

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