Banning Grid Girls – Are We Entering a Feminist Led Puritanical Age?

If you haven’t been on Mars in the last week you will be aware that Formula One is getting rid of ‘Grid Girls’. For those who may not have looked further than the headline, Grid Girls are/were scantily clad women who used to walk around the grid before a race adding a sense of glitz and glamour to the event.

Racing cars on track

The arguments in favour ditching them was made very clear. It was felt having attractive women there was objectifying them and therefore it had to stop. They will now be replaced by ‘Grid Kids’.

A Real Backlash

However, we are beginning to see a backlash from the women involved who believe feminists are stopping them being able to work.

Rachel Reid, who has spent 21 years working across the glamour industry feels that it is an attack on working class women from a female middle class London-centric minority.

“For so-called feminists to be taking jobs from fellow women is so wrong, we have had years of men causing women trouble, now it is women attacking other women’s livelihoods.”

“It seems to be well off, if not privately educated then certainly middle class women, mostly based in London telling working class women, many of whom are single parents in the provinces what they can and can’t do.”

Reid will join a number of women marching in Birmingham’ Bullring Shopping centre on Saturday to show support for women who are losing their jobs in sport and hospitality. It begins at 11am and 1000 women are expected to turn up.

The description of the event is: ‘We are marching In protest of the recent news from F1 banning of Grid/Promo girls. The extremists are ruining a perfectly harmless industry and we must make a stand.”

Miss Reid added: “I have always classed myself as a feminist and think if this is about equality then lets get some male models involved then so it is not all about women titillating the opposite sex, that would create more jobs, not take away jobs.”

She also had a says on the recent ‘President’s Club’ scandal, where female hostesses were used in an all-male charity event.

She said: “I have never seen money like it in my life, the raffle tickets alone would pay off a normal person’s mortgage. It was £100 for five hours work and we could drink if we wanted to, I had some great nights there. And I certainly was not abused or harassed during my time there.

“What no-one seems to understand is that these events need pretty women to coax the money out these rich men.”

During the time between these events, the PDC Darts organisation got rid of ‘walk on girls’ who walked with the players as then walked to the stage. It does get you thinking, are we entering an era of puritanism when it comes to the beauty and glamour?

Is This What Feminism REALLY is?

We see these feminists on TV. They always have the same kind of look, like they were the less attractive girls at school who are now taking their revenge. They would never be asked to do a job which requires good looks, but are happy to tell other more pretty women what jobs they can and can’t do. They see the job as a form of abuse and the heavy implication is that the women who do them are too stupid to realise it so need their help.

We have got to the stage where if a woman shows off her beauty, sections of society regard that as ‘pandering to men’. They would much prefer women to wear ‘functional clothes’, as if that takes the power back for the female gender. It is a form of fascism, where their will must be imposed on anyone, irrespective of whether they agree or not.

I definitely back any movement that preaches equality, but I also believe in freedom of choice. If women want to work as Grid Girls, hostesses, or escorts then they should have the freedom to do that. I am not sure those feminist heroines of the 20th Century visualised a load of sour faced humourless ladies dictating exactly how other women should live. That isn’t equality, that is a puritanism that Oliver Cromwell himself would have been proud of.

If this whole Grid Girl issue has done one thing it may be that we can now start talking about what real feminism is. With any luck, sensible women can regain control of the argument.

Women everywhere deserve it!

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