Five Awful Mistakes Guys Make in Bed

Nearly every guy wants to be good in bed. However, if you speak to women everywhere the amount of poor sexual experiences they have is actually quite shocking. It is blatantly clear that millions of men are doing something seriously wrong when they get into the bedroom.

Angry woman rejecting a sex offer from her boyfriend during a date sitting on a couch at home

But help is at hand. Today we are going to bring you five things that men are doing wrong in the sack. We hope it is useful for all of you out there.

Let’s roll.

1) Foreplay is Not Just the Time You Wait Until Your Dick Gets Hard

This is a big one. So many men are in a race to the finish line and that leads to foreplay being neglected. This is really bad for the woman as this is the time that she becomes sensitive, wet, and ready to have an orgasm. If it is done too little then they will be at the full intercourse part far too quickly leaving them with a rather unfulfilling experience.

So guys, remember to take your time, and do lots of kissing , touching, and stroking. You will be thanked for it.


2) Not Enough Oral

It is fair to say that women are more likely to orgasm from oral sex than full intercourse. It is therefore surprising to see how many guys don’t do it for long enough or skip it altogether.

Use this time well, and if you need some tips on giving good oral sex, here are some good ones.


3) Don’t Just Use The Same Positions

Yes we have the positions we like, but if we just use the same ones sex becomes like some sort of routine. It consequently gets rid of a lot of the excitement.

Spice things up and try different ones. There will be some you like and some you don’t, but it will make it more of an experience.


4) Stopping Before The Woman Has Had an Orgasm

For many men sex ends the moment they cum, whether the woman has managed or not. This can be rectified by staying around for round two, or maybe giving her oral when you have finished. Sex should only end when both people are satisfied.


5) Not Staying To Cuddle

This is only I am guilty of. After sex I just turn over and go to sleep. It seems that women are far more interested in cuddles ect, so for them to have a completely fulfilling experience they need to have closeness afterwards.

Give her a cuddle, even if it is just for a few minutes. It is a good way to cap off a hopefully wonderful time. Otherwise they may feel like just a body you have jerked off with.


So do you recognise any of these faults? If you do then there is always time to work on them. That time is now.

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