Am I Becoming An Escort Addict?

If moderation is something that’s missing from your behavior, you can become addicted to anything. Don’t you believe me? Just think about how many people go to bed with their computers, checking Facebook one more time before falling asleep. Then, guess what? They check their news feeds exactly when they wake up. Since when is Facebook as good as coffee? And then, there is Twitter? Coca-Cola? Alcohol? Some people think they are an escort addict.

An escort posing for an escort addict

I was addicted to cigarettes. And it was awful, especially since I used them to calm myself down when I was angry. Yes, they really helped my panic attacks while they were slowly giving me cancer. How was that good for me?
I stopped smoking and now I am continuously eating whatever I can find. I actually became a cigarette addict because I wanted to be liked by the cool kids in high school. It was so easy to start but it is so damn difficult to stop!

But is going to escorts the same thing? At the first glimpse is far from being similar since we are talking about human interaction. So, why are you afraid of becoming an escort addict? Are you ready for a rapid introspection?

Why Do You See Escorts?

When asked why they see escorts, most men answer, without even thinking about the question. They say that their only reason is sex. While some people are actually interested in having fun with a lovely escort, there are so many who call the sexy courtesans trying to cure themselves for other issues.

While there is nothing wrong with having some kinky fun, there is something disturbing when somebody tries to cure deep problems with sex, no matter if we are talking about seeing escorts or just casual sex.

So, some people don’t see escorts just for sex. They see them because they need validation. Unfortunately, this will make them need more and more because it is never satisfying. The issues are deeper than they seem, and professional treatment might be needed.

At the same time, there are many lonely people who are eagerly searching for companionship. Some don’t even care about the intercourse and all they want is that warm feminine presence in their life. This is why GFE gained so much popularity lately.

There are also many hard-working men who feel the need of receiving a massage. Yes, they could go to a spa, but why do that when you can have relaxation and eroticism? The more erotic, the better, right?

In addition, many people are sexually curious. Some might want to try what they see in porn movies, other just want to try anything new. Many men are big fans of the intriguing PSE because they’ve seen some scenes they want to try.
But these aren’t issues, are they? How can curiosity make you an addict? Also, if you broke up with your girlfriend and your loneliness makes you see an escort, you cannot fear addiction.

But, as mentioned above, there are people who have other, deeper issues that they are trying to fix with escorting. So, what about them? Are they an escort addict?

What Can Make You an Escort Junkie?

As you probably know, addictions appear when people want and need to fill emotional holes in their lives. As I told you, I started smoking because I wanted the cool kids to like me. Am I sorry right now? Of course I am; that is why I am trying to quit. I did something I didn’t want to do just because I felt inferior to the smoking kids. So I took the easy way.

This is what many people do: take the easy way instead of dealing with their issues. Unfortunately, this type of behavior can only make everything worse.

There are people who see escorts because they are too afraid to approach ladies, and courtesans make their lives easier. So, whether is fear of being rejected, of commitment or just childhood trauma, it shouldn’t be treated through sex. This “treatment” makes everything seem better, but it just hides anxieties and depression.

Let me give you an example. Do you enjoy going out with your friends and having a couple of tasty glasses of wine every now and then? Well, do you think it’s the same thing if you are home alone and pour a whole bottle of alcohol down your throat while tears are coming out of your eyes? Having fun while having wine is not the same thing as treating your sadness with it, is it?

Worried about becoming an escort addict?

So, if you are afraid that your desire to experiment and have fun with escorts will bring you an uncomfortable addiction, relax. If you are not seeing the sexy call girls to forget about your deeper problems, you are safe.
However, if you are in trouble, instead of trying to fix everything, why not let somebody specialized in taking care of these issues? Dating a courtesan is a pleasure, not a treatment. Therefore, it only works as a recreational activity, not a cure. As long as you agree with this, you’re not getting addicted to seeing escorts.

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