Five Questions NEVER To Ask Escorts

Visiting escorts can be a nervy experience. You are meeting someone for the first time for a possibly intimate experience. It is only natural that many punters like to fill the air with conversation rather than allow awkward silences.

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However, this can cause real problems as the line of questioning can often be stupid or intrusive, and sometimes downright offensive.

This is why we have put together a guide on what not to ask escorts. And if you do, do it at your own risk!

1) Do You Have Boyfriends?

Maybe it is the fact that many guys would struggle to have a girlfriend who was an escort, but my word, it is stupid. Escorts are real people, they aren’t robots who have no life outside the confines of the apartment or hotel you meet them in.

Just remember, these are real people with families, escorting is just a job. So the answer is yes, they will have partners!

2) What is the Worst Thing That Has Happened To You?

You don’t need me to tell you that sex work can be dangerous. There are some real scumbags in the world, and a number of them see escorts as an easy targets. There is a chance that the escort you meet will have at least have had a dangerous situation, even if she hasn’t been attacked

Therefore, asking them to dredge up bad feelings from previous encounters is not a good thing, far from it. Let them keep that part of what has happened private. That is showing real respect.

3) What is the Weirdest Thing a Customer Has Asked?

An escort encounter is a private encounter. Yes, there will be people who ask for ‘strange’ stuff, but that is something that goes on between the punter and the escort. In short, it is none of your business.

How would you like to be a punchline in a conversation between the escort and a future client? I personally would hate it, so don’t put anyone else in that position.

4) You Aren’t Going To Do This Forever, are You?

A question which is usually meant as a way of asking about future hopes and dreams, it comes across as more of a ‘this job is wank, what are you going to do to get a real job?’.

Escorts choose to do this line of work because they enjoy it. How long they do it for is up to them, and they don’t need any conversations that imply (even by accident) that what they are doing is a choice that can be improved upon.

5) Do People Ask Not to Us a Condom?

This is another one that can come across wrong. Yes, you may mean it as a way of showing concern, but many will see it as you bringing up the idea of going bareback, but in a way you can back out if you get a negative response. Forgive the escorts for being cynical as they do meet some proper sorts.

What Can I Talk About?

There are however ways to have conversation without offending everyone. Be pleasant and friendly. You can compliment her on her looks. Maybe speak about the day you have had. There is nothing intrusive there, and you come across as decent human being.

No-one like an awkward encounter, and there is plenty you can do to make sure this doesn’t happen

Happy punting!

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