Ways to Tell if your Girlfriend is Cheating

Finding out whether your partner is cheating on you or not is always a difficult thing, but there are certain ways to do so. Most men tend to think that they are everything for the woman; her whole universe revolves around you. This feeling is borne out of a very strong ego and the ‘macho’ side of the man.

Unfortunately, men who think this way continue to ignore the needs of the woman, and this makes it very troublesome for the woman herself, because she is unable to get what she wants from the relationship.

There are numerous signs that might indicate whether she is cheating on you or not; but in order to really find out, you will have to keep your eyes and ears open, and try a bit of guesswork. Here are some of the best ways to tell whether your partner is cheating or not:


She Becomes more from your Family

If she is in a relationship with someone else, she is likely to move away from your family gatherings and functions. Women who are often cheating on their partners will want to move away from their partner’s families and friends. If you suddenly notice that she has stopped attending the family gatherings and does not tend to meet up with your friends on social hangouts, it might be an indicator that something isn’t right. This is usually a reaction based on guilt, because she feels guilty for cheating on you.

Excessive Nagging

Often times, women who are secretly cheating on their partners tend to become very difficult to live with. They won’t listen to what you have to say, instead they will find every possible excuse that they can in order to lash out at you and nag you. You might notice this happen out of the blue; one day she’s fine, the next she’s begun to get angrier at you.

If such an instance does occur, it could be an indicator that she is trying to justify her actions by making her feel that you weren’t enough of a comfort for her. By constantly nagging you, she is able to eliminate the guilt that is inside her. Hence, if you begin to feel that every little flaw of yours has begun to be highlighted all of a sudden, it might be time for you to figure out what is causing her to react this way.

A Mysterious Friend Pops up

On a general note, women aren’t capable of hiding the fact that they are cheating on their partners very well. More often than not, you can quite easily figure out whether she is hiding something from you, if you just carefully look at the indicators.


One of the most obvious signs that she is cheating on you is when a new friends pops up out of the blue. You see her chatting on the phone, you ask her who it is and she just says ‘a friend’. You’re confused, because you’ve never heard her talk to a friend for such long periods of time.

Suddenly, this mysterious friend takes centre stage in her life. She has to go visit that friend, meet up with them and chat with them for long periods of time. All of this needs thorough investigating, and if you are prudent enough, you’ll be able to figure out quite easily who her mysterious friend is.

She does not Reply to Simple Questions

What do you do if your partner comes back late at night? You obviously ask them where they went. However, if she is in a secret relationship with somebody else, she is more than likely to try and deflect these questions unless she can come up with a concrete lie. For instance, she might ask you a question of your own, or she might try to pin it on you that you have become extremely nagging and are making life difficult for her by asking so many questions.

This might make you guilty at that point, but rest assured, you definitely need to look in to this. If the woman gets on the defensive when it comes to revealing information about her whereabouts or when you are too inquisitive about her life, it is time for you to consider whether you need to look in to this or not.

Conflict between man and woman

You are no Longer her Priority

If she is involved with another person, it is very likely you will fall down the list of her priorities. For a woman, the man she is with is generally a major part of her life, and most of her priorities are likely to revolve around you. However, that begins to change when she gets in to a relationship with somebody else. No more will she be willing to spend as much time as she did with you, and no more will she be interested in finding out how your day went. This is primarily due to the fact that she is more interested in talking with and being concerned with her newfound interest, and as a result, doesn’t pay much attention to you.

Sex Becomes Less Meaningful

For any couple, sex is one of the foundations of their relationship. If the sex is good, the relationship continues to flourish. However, this no longer remains the case if she is cheating on you. You will begin to feel that she does not give much importance to sex anymore, and even when you two are engaging in coitus, you will get the feeling that she is not emotionally present in the encounter.

If this continues to transpire, it is vitally important that you take a look in to the matter and find out what has led her to act this way.

Not all of these factors mean she is actually cheating, so don’t go in all guns blazing. They are just things to be aware of.

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