Man Caught Cheating Escapes from Lovers Apartment by Climbing out of the Window!

Many of us have, in our time, gone with a partner who is already in a relationship. This is done for many reasons, one of which is the thrill of getting caught.

Now that isn’t to say we want to get caught; that would be just terrible. The humiliation, the risk of violence, none of the options seem very pleasant. But have you ever thought that you may have to escape out of a window in front of a crowd of cheering people, with your embarrassment filmed and then uploaded to Youtube? I thought not!

Well that is what happened to the poor gentleman in the video below. Whilst his lover and her husband were having a heated row on the balcony, he tries to get out of the window, climbing down a makeshift rope, made out of what looks like bed linen.

Sadly our scantily clad lethario got stuck on a first floor window and had to be helped out by the fire brigade. One suspects that he wished he would have instead stayed at home and played with himself, rather than ventured to the young ladies apartment.

Visiting an Escort

Maybe it would have been better for this guy to visit a Cavan escort instead? He could get the wonderful companionship of a gorgeous woman, and instead of being humiliated all around the world, he would have a great time between two consenting adults.

The risk of getting caught may not be there, but his reputation would be in tact. Seems a good trade off to me.

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