The Problems Facebook Can Cause in a Relationship

Last year, as per the divorce statistics that were revealed by the United States, around 30% of relationships that ended, ended due to Facebook. Facebook is a social network that is designed to bring people closer, but even though it excels in this purpose, it can also help tear people apart.

Facebook can cause problems in our romantic life, and in some cases, these problems might be impossible to solve.

This is an online social network that integrates very deeply in our lives; from your smart phone, to your iPod to your computer, Facebook is everywhere. So, obviously, there are several problems that can arise through Facebook. Here are some of the biggest problems that can be caused in a relationship due to this online social network:

Constant Connection

If you have a Facebook app on your phone, you are connected pretty much everywhere you go. When you get home and turn on your laptop/ desktop, you are greeted with a barrage of notifications from Facebook, showing wall posts and your messages via Facebook Messenger.

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Now, it’s great at first, but after a bit of time, this positive effect of being constantly connected tends to wear off. If you are in a relationship, your partner is likely to continue messaging you through the Facebook app if they are online. At first, this ability to be able to chat with your partner at any point in time feels and works great, but after a while, some find it gets tiresome.

Very few people actually prefer partners who are too clingy and this is what Facebook does. It keeps you constantly connected, and in some cases this can prove to be difficult to maintain. A slight flare up with your partner will mean that your relationship is going to take a turn for the worse.

Your Lies aren’t as well Hidden

Most of us lie in relationships. Where you went, what you did; these are just menial lies that men often make to their female partners, and they are usually made in order to prevent further questioning from their female counterparts.

Let’s take an example: you told her that you were completing a serious project yesterday night which is why you couldn’t give her enough time or talk to her. Fast forward next morning, and she opens her Facebook account to see pictures of you getting wasted with your friends at the pub. Doesn’t leave a very good impression, does it?

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Let’s consider another example: you told her that you are going to sleep. Two hours later, there’s a notification on your wall that you’ve earned a trophy in a game, or that you were reading an article or something, without your knowledge. Next morning she sees the article, and begins to think that you are looking for ways to start ignoring her. This is damaging on a very basic level, and it can help destroy your relationship.

Essentially, Facebook eliminates all secrets, or at least tries its very best to. From revealing your location (if you choose to) to posting updates about your daily regime, Facebook can become your virtual broadcast network, if you don’t learn how to control it effectively.

If you do wish to control it, every single lie and/ or activity that you pursue will have to be carefully thought over, and you will have to make sure that you take note of your actions at every point in order to prevent Facebook from revealing your lie. Now, thanks to the advanced integration, Facebook is even capable of telling whether you are online through your mobile or through the web.


It gives Rise to Jealousy

Very few women are actually comfortable with the fact that their man spends time with other women. No female partner likes to see their man enjoying their time with another female. Yet, the pictures you upload on Facebook gives rise to jealousy in a very unconventional way; all your pictures are tagged and are plastered on the news feed of all your friends, including your partner’s.
Ultimately, as your partner goes through your pictures and sees so many with a female counterpart, they are likely to begin to feel jealous. If you are not around, these feelings will continue to grow within your partner, ultimately reaching an explosion point.

The point here is, you might not even get to know that you have done something wrong until after the storm has passed. This is very troublesome, because Facebook continues to give rise to such instances. Jealousy can be the cause of destruction in virtually any relationship, no matter how deep the bond runs. If your partner opens up your profile and sees that you’ve been in contact with a girl who’s been commenting on your pictures and continuously chatting with you, she is likely to blow up the second you meet her.

It Reveals more than Required

You see, most people don’t want to reveal each and every detail about their lives to their partners, while the Facebook timeline tries to become a visual representation of your life, from the day you were born to the present. Your family and your friends might share something that you have kept hidden from your partner, and then they are likely to ask questions about your reasons for hiding information and whatnot. Ultimately, this results in more problems than it is meant to solve, and that is one of the primary reasons because of which a lot of people think that Facebook tends to destroy relationships.

Hence, it might be a billion dollar website, but it can also break your heart.

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