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Women’s Secrets: Masturbation

My first boyfriend told me that the reason he fell in love with me was my weird honesty regarding…masturbation. We were just 17 years old when he asked me and a bunch of girls how we masturbate. I was the only one who didn’t act like a hypocrite. So, while the others rolled their eyes saying how gross masturbation is I laughed. Then, I told him that it depends on my mood, and on how much time I want to spend playing with myself. Continue reading Women’s Secrets: Masturbation

Who Knows More About Sex: Men Or Women?

Sex is a pretty big topic, and it is one we are constantly talking about. Whether it is the latest sex toy to hit the stores, the newest piece of legislation involving sex work, or it is our favourite sex positions to try out, we are always talking about it. Just look at the Escort Ireland forum! We can’t get enough of sex, and yet there is one question that we feel as though we absolutely need to be asking… just who knows more about sex? Continue reading Who Knows More About Sex: Men Or Women?