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US Military attack Trump Transgender ban

Last week we heard about the ‘troubling’ news that President Donald Trump plans to ban all transgender people from serving in the military. It is a move that has seen him condemned all around the world, not just in his own country. Still, like most things during his tenure, there was no associated plan; just a tweet. This means that it is not yet law. And hey presto, it looks like he is getting a lot of pushback from members of the military. Continue reading US Military attack Trump Transgender ban

The Evolving Trans Community

For future generations, the beginning of the 21st century will be synonymous with change. Over the past two decades the landscape of Western society has dramatically shifted – with the birth of the digital age giving rise to rapid technological development, increased secularisation and an erosion of boundaries. This latter point, in particular, relates not only to the boundaries created by nationalist identities (a quick look at Twitter or Facebook will quickly reveal how globalised we’ve become) but also those created by gender and sexual identities. Continue reading The Evolving Trans Community