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The Bin Laden Porn Files

That nefarious bastard behind the collapse of the world trade towers had a hell of a porn collection, according to documents from the legendary raid on the renegade’s compound in 2011. Amongst his belongings, they found a whole bunch of stuff that would suggest if not a love, then at least a keen interest in Western culture. These include a library of English books and a whole catalogue of adult magazines. Continue reading The Bin Laden Porn Files

Porn Versus Celebrity Nudes

Every man in the world will forever remember the day that nudes of Jennifer Lawrence leaked. An auspicious sun had crept from behind the clouds, casting golden shadows across the land. Your eyes cast lazily over the computer screen, scanning for new emails and news updates. And then you see it: you suddenly focus and your thoughts become sharp and exact, every fibre of your body crawling with disbelief, for Jennifer Lawrence has had a set of nude photos leaked. Continue reading Porn Versus Celebrity Nudes

Dawn of sexploration: where no penis has gone before

The time has finally come: man is to transcend his earthly binds to reach the stars, the natural successor in his desire for a new frontier. And what better way to herald in this new age than by having sex in the unchartered vacuums of space, forever cementing our DNA (literally) into its endless expanse. Continue reading Dawn of sexploration: where no penis has gone before

A Common Sense Look at Prostitution

In a rare twist to the typical narrative of mainstream media, the IrishExaminer has today published a column taking an honest, seemingly unbiased look at prostitution. The thought-provoking column was written by Suzane Harrington, and is a welcome break from the suffocating stance usually adopted by the mainstream press. Continue reading A Common Sense Look at Prostitution

Sex Workers and the Responsibility of Choice

It’s been two days since Northern Ireland officially criminalised the purchasing of sex in Northern Ireland, and the fires are still burning bright on both sides of the debate. We’ve had the ICI wage a battle of scaremongering, firing statistics at the unaware to create sensationalist panic amongst government officials south of the border. And on the other side, we’re had sex worker groups come out in favour of decriminalisation the world over, from England to Australia. Continue reading Sex Workers and the Responsibility of Choice

Calling bullshit on the ICI’s ‘escort immigration’ figures

A tide of decadence is nearing the Republic of Ireland. Doors are being locked, shutters closed and children tucked safely in bed for fear of what is coming: hordes of scantily-clad prostitutes accompanied by a marching army of pimps, the distant sound of hydraulics like a chorus of war drums to the ears of the virtuous. Continue reading Calling bullshit on the ICI’s ‘escort immigration’ figures

Paying for Sex in Northern Ireland Now Illegal – A Complete Travesty

The day is finally upon us: paying for sex in Northern Ireland has become illegal. The world-renowned piece of legislation has been the source of huge controversy over the past year. At a time when many European countries are looking at finding ways to control the sex industry through decriminalisation, Northern Ireland has decided to pave its own path to reshaping the world’s oldest profession. Continue reading Paying for Sex in Northern Ireland Now Illegal – A Complete Travesty

The Evolving Trans Community

For future generations, the beginning of the 21st century will be synonymous with change. Over the past two decades the landscape of Western society has dramatically shifted – with the birth of the digital age giving rise to rapid technological development, increased secularisation and an erosion of boundaries. This latter point, in particular, relates not only to the boundaries created by nationalist identities (a quick look at Twitter or Facebook will quickly reveal how globalised we’ve become) but also those created by gender and sexual identities. Continue reading The Evolving Trans Community

Why Criminalising Prostitution is Short Sighted

When in 1999 the Swedish government decided to criminalise the buying of sex for men, the international community looked on with a mixture of disbelief and amusement. Now sixteen years later, the question of criminalising prostitution has crept onto the shores of the UK, circulating once again the debate about whether paying for sex can ever be truly regulated. Continue reading Why Criminalising Prostitution is Short Sighted