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Guardians of the Peace – The Laura Lee Blog

There is a lot to be said for the sensible, evidence based approach to policing adopted by the PSNI in Northern Ireland when it comes to sex work. When I say evidence based, they look for actual harm before bringing down the sledgehammer of the law, their goal being “keeping people safe”. It may amaze some readers to learn that sex workers are people too. The PSNI get it right on many levels, it’s far better for them to know who is working and where, so that they’re aware of any issues which may arise in the future, and through many meetings in formulating our alliance, they also guaranteed that they don’t record on file that a person is a “known prostitute”. That practice is adopted by a number of police forces, and is highly dangerous. Firstly, it stops sex workers identifying themselves and coming forward to report crime, and secondly, it prevents exit. It will come up on a background check, although the person has committed no crime. Continue reading Guardians of the Peace – The Laura Lee Blog

A Christmas Message From Laura Lee!

There’s no doubt about it, 2016 has been one hell of a year, for a lot of people. In some ways it feels like it will never end, and we all hope that the cries of “happy new year” will prove to be prophetic. I have a lot to be grateful for though, particularly driven home this week. Whilst in Dundalk I met with one of my long standing regular clients, I’ve written in the past about how good some of my clients are. I’ve known some for a very long time and we’re good friends as well as regular partners. They’re also very adept at picking the right time to call, I still don’t know how they do that. Continue reading A Christmas Message From Laura Lee!

Laura Lee – The Importance of People Skills

You’ll often hear me complain loudly about my time on the corporate hamster wheel that is retail banking, and for good reason. Fewer souls have been destroyed in the eternal fires of hell. Thankfully I have a lot more self-respect in my current occupation, but I will always be thankful to banking for some basic life lessons. For example, it’s useful to know how to step back from a situation and not attach your adversary to his desk with an industrial stapler, a skill I perfected in many bank managers’ offices. I also learned the art of effective communication. Continue reading Laura Lee – The Importance of People Skills

The Victimisation of Sex Workers – Laura Lee Blog

What’s the difference between the Edinburgh pandas and sex workers? I’ve never known a sex worker yet with a penchant for chowing down on bamboo. Personally, I prefer to apply bamboo liberally to the backsides of Edinburgh’s pillars of society. The real difference is far more sinister, if a member of the public wants to view the Edinburgh pandas, they need to wait, pay and show respect. Sex workers? Lately it seems like it’s a free for all, with respect being the last thing on the voyeur’s mind. Continue reading The Victimisation of Sex Workers – Laura Lee Blog

Laura Lee Blog – The Turning Tide Book Review

I’m not a fan of crime thrillers, at all, but having followed Dr. Magnanti’s previous works I was very interested to read The Turning Tide. I wasn’t disappointed. The story opens with the discovery of a body in the highlands and takes us on a journey, introducing us to some very rich and diverse characters along the way. Continue reading Laura Lee Blog – The Turning Tide Book Review

The Laura Lee Blog | Au Revoir!

Sometimes, in my line of work as in many others, rude clients float to the surface. I should say that the most awful clients I ever experienced were in banking, because when you’re dealing with people and money, greed comes before all else. Suddenly the bank charges they incurred were my fault, personally. Like I took their money and spent it on caviar. Or call girls. Allegedly. Continue reading The Laura Lee Blog | Au Revoir!

Laura Lee Blog | Sex Workers – Know Your Rights!

With two cases of prosecuting women working together for safety going through the courts and the continued “welfare visits” under Operation Lingle, it has never been more important to know your rights as a sex worker in Scotland. These rights apply to both native sex workers and those who tour Scotland, too. In conjunction with SCOT-PEP and National Ugly Mugs, here are your rights. Continue reading Laura Lee Blog | Sex Workers – Know Your Rights!