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Guardians of the Peace – The Laura Lee Blog

There is a lot to be said for the sensible, evidence based approach to policing adopted by the PSNI in Northern Ireland when it comes to sex work. When I say evidence based, they look for actual harm before bringing down the sledgehammer of the law, their goal being “keeping people safe”. It may amaze some readers to learn that sex workers are people too. The PSNI get it right on many levels, it’s far better for them to know who is working and where, so that they’re aware of any issues which may arise in the future, and through many meetings in formulating our alliance, they also guaranteed that they don’t record on file that a person is a “known prostitute”. That practice is adopted by a number of police forces, and is highly dangerous. Firstly, it stops sex workers identifying themselves and coming forward to report crime, and secondly, it prevents exit. It will come up on a background check, although the person has committed no crime. Continue reading Guardians of the Peace – The Laura Lee Blog

A Laura Lee Speech to the UKNSWP Conference on Criminalisation

On Monday 2nd of March, I was invited to speak at the UKNSWP conference in Manchester. Although I was honoured to be asked, to put it bluntly, I was planking it. I felt out of my comfort zone in that I had hoped there would be some antis to shout at, but it wasn’t that kind of event. The atmosphere was wonderful, one of warm support and a feeling that the whole room was working towards a safer environment for sex workers. I met some amazing police and networked my heart out, making lots of new friends and allies. So, here’s my speech. I did ad lib at certain points so it may not be spot on, but I’ll try and recall as best I can. Continue reading A Laura Lee Speech to the UKNSWP Conference on Criminalisation