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Porn Versus Celebrity Nudes

Every man in the world will forever remember the day that nudes of Jennifer Lawrence leaked. An auspicious sun had crept from behind the clouds, casting golden shadows across the land. Your eyes cast lazily over the computer screen, scanning for new emails and news updates. And then you see it: you suddenly focus and your thoughts become sharp and exact, every fibre of your body crawling with disbelief, for Jennifer Lawrence has had a set of nude photos leaked. Continue reading Porn Versus Celebrity Nudes

Nudes Leak Threat To Emma Watson After UN Speech

Harry Potter star Emma Watson recently appeared at the UN as Goodwill Ambassador, and spoke about the issue of gender equality. Her strong words have gained the wrong kind of the attention, and she is now being threatened by the same people behind the leak of Jennifer Lawrence’s nude pictures. Continue reading Nudes Leak Threat To Emma Watson After UN Speech