Should Punters Be Allowed to Review Escorts?

I was having a look around the internet earlier, searching for something to write about. Whilst castigating myself for a distinct lack of creative thinking that morning, I came upon a rather interesting piece in the Daily Mirror which had gone and looked at some punter reviews of escorts from UK Punting. Needless to say, the ones they had picked out hardly painted the industry in a good light, with terms like ‘pump and dump’ being used. Though the article was obviously clickbait, it did leave me with a very interesting question; is it right for punters to review escorts?

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Our Rules

As you know, Escort Ireland allows reviews, but there are rather strict standards.

1) An escort can opt out of the review system

2) An escort can choose to have explicit reviews or not

3) The review must be respectful, even if the service is being criticised

There are others but these are the main rules which make sure that we never have to deal with some of the horrors that we saw in the Daily Mirror piece.

As we can see, an escort will only be reviewed if they want to take that option. They can opt out of reviews at any time, and they don’t have to have explicit reviews if they don’t want to. This means that they won’t have to deal with punters making ‘dirty’ posts about them if they don’t like the idea. Many do, and that is a matter for the individual.

Even if a review is negative, the tone need to be respectful. No offensive language should be used, and no name calling is allowed. The writer should have the ability to get their point across without making it sound like something from X-rated Jeremy Kyle.

The Benefits of Reviews

Still, we allow customers to review escorts, which annoys some people in the anti sex work lobby. Why do we do this? Well, it is something that many escorts want.

Those escorts who opt in to the escort review system use it pretty much the same as TripAdvisor. They believe they have the best qualities, and want the fact that they are top quality to be made clear to people looking at their profile. Without good reviews, it is hard for customers to work out if the escort is as good as advertised. That isn’t good think for the escorts who believe they are the best of the bunch, as they are naturally just part of the main group.

Reviews are also good for punters. I don’t know about you, but my partner will never book a hotel until she has read the reviews, so I can see why many punters wouldn’t choose an escort unless had seen good feedback from previous clients. The escort review system allows the client to see who the best escorts are reported to be, or to make themselves aware a hot newcomer gaining a reputation, and that helps them work out whether to pick up the phone.

Good, if Done Correctly

In the end, the escort review system is a good thing, if it is done correctly and actually monitored. A system where clients are allowed to call the escort vile names and speak about them like they are less than a piece of meat is most certainly not acceptable. However, a properly structured system where the escort has actually opted in is a real help for both escort and client.

No escort should ever feel they are forced to accept reviews. There are plenty of people who don’t have reviews but are successful anyway. You should only do what makes YOU comfortable.

The wishes of the escort must always be at the forefront of things. He or she should be allowed to decide what details are shared, if any at all. That has to be the basis of any review system.

For those who need tips on how to write a good escort review, here is a blog by Lara.

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