Man Rushes To Hospital With MASSIVE Glass up His Bottom (Pictures)

Doctors in China were left in shock when a man was found with a massive 8cm glass cup stuck up his bottom.

glass in bum x-ray

The patient only decided to go to the hospital after spending two horrific days in agony.

Urgent Medical Attention

The case in Guangzhou, China, apparently involved a married man who came in complaining of unbearable pain. He was screaming for help at 2am and was immediately sent for an x-ray, where the reason for his pain soon became apparent.

Doctors were actually worried that the glass was under so much pressure from his rectum that it may well shatter, leading to a potentially deadly injury.

Thankfully they were able to remove it without it breaking. When they got it out, they found it was eight centimetres tall and seven centimetres in diameter.

They originally used drugs to relax the man’s anus. Though they were able to reach the glass they found it too slippery to pull out. He therefore had to have surgery, which was eventually successful.

Still, it seems that he had zero intention of telling them how or why it got up there in the first place. However, I have serious reservations that he fell over and landed it. He may not have told everyone what he was up to, but I am sure we have a fairly good idea.

Be Careful Up There

It has to be said, there are many people, even heterosexual ones, who like things shoved up their backside during sex, or for sexual purposes. Maybe it is a finger, maybe it is a dildo, or maybe something else. We have seen this recent article by Lara Mills discussing ‘pegging’, which is becoming more and more popular.

However, a good tip for this kind of stuff is to not stick anything up your backside which would make Vlad The Impaler wince. It really could cause serious damage, or possibly even kill you.

Even if it doesn’t, you could end up on these pages, which is never really a good place to be!

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