Is Seeing an Escort Cheating?

It is difficult to speculate why married men visit escorts, due to there being so many varied reasons why.

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There are some men that are simply bored with their current sex life and seek out emotionless business transactions without any comebacks. There are some who have partners who refuse to ‘put out’ in which he refuses to abstain. Some men have secret fantasies that they are too embarrassed to ask their partner to participate in in case of shame or embarrassment.

The list is endless.

Statistics today have been told that about 20 percent of married men are unfaithful to their wives. You have to wonder why when someone has so much to lose would participate in such high risk behavior.

Experts say that men score higher in libido, while a woman’s sex drive is more ‘fluid’. The birds ‘n’ the bees are at it, a man will drop his pants in any ol’ place to get his leg over, but, a woman will only do it when the time is right – or the candles are scented and dishes are done.

A stereotype – yes, but it is true, the figures show the average man has a stronger sex drive than a woman and will simply crack on with it wherever and whenever they can.
These are just a few examples of reasons why married men and men with partners are more likely to seek a discreet sex session with a horny escort.

No Ties

For a married man, some say it’s better to seek ‘no ties sex’ with an escort than to have an emotional affair with another woman who could turn out to be more demanding and end up letting ‘the cat out of the bag’ to his Mrs! Thus paying for a business transaction with an escort could preserve the family and prevent a messy divorce.

Having a secret encounter with an escort could also be safer than meeting someone socially. There are a substantial number of people who are more likely to have unprotected sex than an escort. Since this is their profession and business, they are more encouraged to ensure they ‘play it safe’ rather than risk the chance in jeopardizing any future, potential earnings.

According to studies and recent polls, some men have said that it is also much easier than dating. There are no awkward questions or false intentions to impress, and you do not have to worry about trying to chew your arm off to escape the next morning!

If you are a guy out there looking for sex, you need to keep in mind that affairs are disastrous and can also become self-destructive and emotional. Imagine paying for sex as a commercial-like transaction without any hag! You hand over the money, enjoy yourself and when your time is up you simply wipe up and walk away. There are no call backs, no lies and no dramas!

A good friend of mine is a doctor who lacks social confidence and struggles to communicate with women; he occasionally fulfills his desires by paying for sex. He enjoys it because it’s uncomplicated, straight forward and also assists him a little with improving his social skills with the ladies.

Not only does the industry serve those who are not already in a relationship or in a marriage, there is a whole world full of different people with different reasons who would prefer to pay for a discreet, no strings encounter with an escort, than to socially meet someone new.

Another valid reason why married men would prefer sex with an escort is because the relationship between escorts and men is open and honest. The escorts know what the men want from them and so they deliver – no questions asked.

With so many women in society who like to take these things slowly and with some even end up only wanting to be ‘friends’ – with so many obstacles in getting some ass, it’s no wonder the escort industry is so successful.

:A World of Fantasy

There are plenty of things that a man can do with an escort that his wife would never dream of doing, or even knew existed! He may fantasize about giving dominating anal penetration, being erotically pissed all over or he may even dream about being tied up and shat on!

Perhaps due to a broken heart from a previous relationship has put him off of meeting someone new and does not want any more heartache, but still wants a good seeing to from time to time.

Someone who is a little less fortunate with how they look or are old and cannot persuade beautiful young women to even talk to them let a lone have sexual intercourse with them. But they can get young sexy escorts because all it is, is a clear business transaction with no intentions of nothing more other than sex.

Although the saying for most women goes – ‘all men are the same’. My opinion is in fact not all men are the same, some have their valid reasons, some have a fear of intimacy and some simply just cannot get enough of a warm gushing pussy and need more!

So the husband pays someone to have emotionless sex with them and still reserves the L word for his wife. Better than to shag someone he could end up falling in love with and destroying his and his wife’s whole world. No?

A court once ruled in Tokyo that cheating cannot legally be considered as adultery if the sex was paid for. The verdict was delivered during a specific case of a wife suing her husband’s mistress, but the outcome was not receiving any financial compensation due to it being a ‘business transaction’ and not causing any effect on her ‘stable home life’.

At the end of the day physical attraction is far simpler, and far less sustainable than emotional attraction. While physical attraction can turn heads, it is emotional attraction that binds love in a way that causes him to desire commitment.

Meeting for sex with an escort is just a physical activity that drives more and more married men to enjoy pleasurable sex for various different reasons without any stress or earache.

So gentlemen when wives say no… where do you go?

What do you think? Is it actually cheating when a married man pays for sex with an escort?


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