The Sex Olympics – How To Go For Round Two!

If you’re interested in the art and athleticism of sexual Olympics then you’ve arrived in the locker room of theory and strategy. I’ll be the Coach, you be the player. A strong offensive game plan is an important part of creating a successful sexual Olympian. It’s important to consider a game plan so you can achieve your full potential then you’re on your way to countless victories.

man and woman embrace after sex, waiting for round two!
Passionate couple is cuddling after making love

First let’s state the obvious: everyone is different and for some, shagging once is enough. If this is you, there is no shame in your game! Yet in this locker room, we’re training for a marathon not a sprint.

Imagine hiking up a mountain to a vista with panoramic views named ‘Inspiration Point.’ You stretch before you begin. You make sure to hydrate along the way and you take short breaks during the several hour hike. But you never stop, you never recede because you’re on a vision-quest. You keep climbing until you’re sweating, panting and there after you’ve earned the height, you claim victory!

As a sexual athlete, you need to be: rested, hydrated and focused

Prepare for sexual olympics with the dedication of a student studying for an exam. Shower up so that you’re fresh, rest so that you’re clear minded and put nutrients inside that body of yours. When you feed your body the right foods, live a lifestyle that fosters vitality (avoiding excessive use of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs) and focus on a positive mindset, now you’re on your way to achieving sexual Olympian status.

Did you know that strawberries, beets, cocoa, olives, ginseng, horny goat weed, chili peppers and garlic are natural aphrodisiacs? Did you know that aromatherapy is sexually stimulating? Go ahead and pick up some: ylang ylang, lavender, rose otto and jasmine from your local homeopathic apothecary. Now you know, get on that before you get on your partner!

Men and woman have different things to think about when it comes to repeat performances. We can all agree that after the first go there’s a rest and relaxation period or as science calls it, a refractory period. This is when your body has to recharge, your muscles need to relax before they can fire again. In this time, focus on increasing the level of oxygen in your blood as it’s going to be carried down to those vital sexual organs.

Play a song that makes you feel like Rocky training for the big game!

As a man, you’ve probably noticed the performance difference between your youth and older age. In your body’s heyday, you could ejaculate multiple times with no refractory period. Yet as you’ve matured, there are tricks to longevity. When you are about to cum, pause and don’t let yourself go over the edge. By removing stimulation right before ejaculation you won’t shoot your entire load at once and your cock is still enrolled in rocking the casbah!

After that refractory period, rest then change locations. The shower is a good change of scenery and the change of positions will definitely be enticing. If you have a balcony, by all means implement doggy-style with a dash of voyeurism. The change of position and/or location adds variation and this is spice of a sexy life.

To pep your member up for the next round, a blow job is a superb invitation to the after party. Most important in plural peaking is the mind-body connection. If you think you can only orgasm once, you’re not talking to yourself in the right voice. You need to tell yourself, ‘I am an Energizer bunny!’ Believe in yourself. This is how the greatest Olympians have broken personal and world records.

Ladies are wired differently down there so let’s get to work

She’s working with two different orgasmic areas, internal (G-Spot) and external (Clitoris). Focus on oral sex to facilitate an external orgasm as this will also moisten the road to the internal orgasm. When she’s orgasmed, you’ll know because she’ll be sensitive to the touch. This is because all the nerve pathways have been stimulated with a tremendous surge of blood.

Give her a minute break but then start to suck on her fingers, nipples, earlobes, breath on her neck or caress her breasts. Don’t let her fall into a stupefied coma or else she’s done for. Resume touching an area that’s not hypersensitive and you’ll be pleasantly surprised when she’s ready for round two. Seeing her get aroused again will surely make your member rise to the challenge!

Now let’s focus on that internal orgasm which can be achieved by stimulating the G-Spot, the zone behind the pubic bone. The top two positions to activate this zone are: reverse cowgirl and doggy-style which naturally stroke that area. Fully engage in these positions by telling your playmate that you want her to play with her breasts. The more areas that you stimulate at once the better.

Go on and trail your nails down her back. Ask her to grind her clitoris against you or to play with herself. If she’s a kinky vixen she’ll already know about her PC muscles. When she’s close to orgasming, she should tighten and relax her Kegels because this alone can cause an orgasm.

Play by play game plan for Sexual Olympics

Clear the clutter of your mind space!

Think happy, kinky thoughts and find a sexy mantra that affirms your Olympian status like, ‘Hercules, Hercules!’ or something similar that arouses your inner prowess.

Enjoy the appetizer of foreplay!

No need to rush in for the entrée with all the tantalizing appetizers that are on the table. You both can have a hearty serving of some oral before you go in for the wham, bam, thank you ma’am.

Explore your inner fantasies!

Talking dirty and role-playing with two imaginations will never cease to amaze the two of you.

Stay Present!

The present is a present so touch yourself and don’t be anywhere else but right now.

Stay on Target!

If you notice that your or your partners window of orgasmic opportunity is opening by all means, stay on target! Stick with the position that’s stroking your or her spot and work it out!

Rinse, lather and repeat!

One of you have orgasmed. Okay, now it’s time for that minute break before you switch location, position and engage in foreplay again.

As your coach this is when I tell you the key to success and for that, let’s reflect on some Olympian greats. Six time gold medalist Clara Huges said, “All the physical comes from the mental.” So think positive! I believe that the Captain of the 2012 U.S. Olympic field hockey team Lauren Crandall said it best when she said, “If you think you’re done, you always have at least 40 percent left.”

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