Six Tips For The Ultimate Quickie

A quickie is a real swift shag that can prove to be an amazing ten minutes when it’s done right. The purpose is to climax as soon as possible. It’s as if a hourglass has been turned over and that sexy sand of time is slipping. Your mission if you choose to accept it, is to keep calm and shag fiercely.

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Erotic circumstances give kinksters little time to do the do. For a example, shagging in a stairwell, an elevator, in a bathroom, on a ferris wheel. These places demand that the horny pursue the most expeditious way to seal that sexy deal. There’s a presence of mind that must be implemented, one that asks: a) Is there a security camera? And b) Is that a problem or a turn on?

Most importantly, you’re diligent to the sexy task at hand, and mastering those erotic odds while taking into account that time is not on your side. A quickie is not complicated, it’s just super-charged and everything has to be perfect to reach that maximum potential of a fast, passionate affair. For your sexy consideration, rock these herein tips to make that quickie more powerful and pleasurable.

Tip #6 Talk Dirty

Talking dirty massages the brain and excites it into action. Telling your partner what you’re going to do before you do it is hot, spicy and tantalizing. Whether it’s by sexting or whispering sweet nothings into your partner’s ear, talking dirty oils the hinges and paves the way through foreplay.

Whispering what you’d like your partner to do or what you’d like to do to your lover while in a public setting gets those kinky juices flowing. Talking dirty involves being able to orally communicate what turns you on, and to express it to your mate so that they feel the exact same way. Learn more about the art of sexpressing thyself by watching a pornstar teach one how to talk dirty.

Tip #5 Wear loose, easy access clothing

Both he and she or he/she, depends on who’s involved, should all strive to wear loose clothing. Dudes should rock athletic or sweat pants that have the elasticity to hang without completely falling off. Dames can wear all her pretty skirts and dresses because they’re excellent at providing easy entry to her amusement park. Wearing no underwear is highly recommended, because let’s be real, less wrapping on that sexy package is optimal, as you can focus on the kinky present at hand.

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Tip #4 Make her wet

Making her wet ensures a soft entry for the wang, so it’s in the best interest of the team to get her lady juices flowing. Talking dirty while focusing on titillating her erogenous zones will do the trick.

Kiss her neck, lightly tickle her lower back and inner thighs with your hands and lips and most importantly, pet that pussy cat. There are tricks to the trade when it comes to correctly stoking that punani, so learn more by watching How to Finger a Girl.

Tip #3 Keep some clothes on

In a quickie, there’s often a line people waiting outside of that bathroom so your kinky mission should be to keep on as many clothes as possible. That way you can avoid leaving them behind. Expose the down under and those twin peaks, but aside from that, leave on the bare necessities.

Tip #2 Stimulate all the senses at once

Providing simultaneous stimulation of all the senses is the difference between ordinary sex and boom boom next level sex. Dames are really keen and responsive to their senses, so when dude focuses on playing and stimulating those five sense, he’ll see, hear, and feel the difference too.

1. Hearing – Play some music, try dirty talking, whispering sweet nothings, or moaning.
2. Taste – Using aphrodisiacs like strawberries or wine will sweeten the moment.
3. Touch – Lightly touch and caress her erogenous zones while kissing her neck.
4. Smell – Be freshly showered and/or mist with a light spray of cologne.
5. Sight – Show off that sexy body.

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Tip #1 Shag in an exotic place

Choose a scene of kink that best serves that come and go sex like in the backseat of a car. You could shag outdoors in a park, in a movie theatre, on a beach, on a roof, on a balcony, or in an airport bathroom. As long as you can keep that kink short and sweet, then anything sexy place is possible.

When it comes to the erotic art of the quickie, it’s like the sexy sprint of erotic events. It’s important to go in with a game plan, a game face, good spirits and to add a dash of talking dirty to season effectively. With a healthy servicing of some drop-spit-and-lick foreplay, and with the simple lift of the skirt and a drop of dude’s pants, sexy bits can dip and smash. Keep in mind, that a quickie is just like a munchie, its purpose is to hit the spot and rock it, because there’s no time for a sit down meal.

Curious to learn where to take her for a quickie? Then watch this video to learn 5 suggestions of places to go balls deep, and get some stank on the hang down. Got something that comes to mind when it comes to quickies? Then keep calm, stay kinky, and sound off in the comments below.

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