How to Give a Newbie a Relaxing Massage

Dim light, slow music, oily bodies, deep breaths…can you think about something more relaxing, and arousing than this image? Well, if you have a sexy imagination as I do, you probably can! But when we are discussing making a shy guy relax and enjoy a massage until the end…the HAPPY END, there is no better manner than what I have in mind!

Man being massaged
Man has deep tissue massage on the back. Spa stones and frangipani flower setup.

If you know a timid man, you are probably aware of how stiff they can be! But don’t worry, if we can create little humans, we can make the big ones completely relax!

And because I believe sharing is caring, here is how to make your man forget about inhibitions and savor your talented hands massaging his whole body.

Get Ready to Get Naughty!

Setting the mood is an important step in every sensual activity. So, if you want to make your man relax, you must think about more things than just how to move your hands on his body! So, the first thing you must take care of is the MUSIC! Make sure you have a relaxing and sexy play list prepared! Keep in mind that if you usually listen to Rammstein or AC/DC, you might want to avoid adding other songs to this list!

Personally, I have two different play lists, one with all the songs I enjoy listening to and the other with the music I like and it’s also suitable for sexy nights. You might want to follow my footsteps in this case!

Besides the music, you also need to make sure the room is perfectly clean and smells great. Now, DIM THE LIGHTS, light a couple of candles and get a bottle of GREAT WINE, as well as the perfect OIL. Personally, I use coconut oil, not only because it feels great, but it also has a delicious smell. However, you can go for whatever you and your man like!

What Do You Mean You’ve “ Never Had a Massage”?

Before you begin taking his stress away with your magical hands, you have to make him unwind and be in the mood for a sexy evening. So, offer him a glass of wine and have a nice conversation before proceeding to the mattress or bed. Make sure the music is on and the light is dim!

Now, let’s get to business, dear! The perfect way to begin a sensual rubbing is with a SWEDISH MASSAGE, in this case. We are talking about a newbie and assuming his shyness wasn’t destroyed with one glass of wine. So, don’t jump into showing him how good your body to body massage is, yet!

The Swedish massage techniques are famous for making people’s entire body relax and this is exactly what you aim to do, right? You need your man to be at ease in order to get kinky with him. If you think he is tense, you can also focus on the deeper layers of muscles and give him a DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE for a short while! However, pay attention to his reactions! You will know when he likes it and when he feels it’s too hard!

It’s Time To Get Slippery

Now, your man should be completely relaxed, without any inhibitions and ready to get dirty with you! So, slowly take off your dress and proceed into a seductive BODY TO BODY experience. You can keep your provocative (please wear sexy panties! ) underwear on, or be completely naked when massaging your man with your amazing body!

I strongly believe you know that this type of massage involves a lot of oil and order to make your body slippery. How to do it? However you like! Personally, I begin with a breast massage! Touching his body with your breast makes is arousing for both of you so it’s the perfect way to begin the sensual adventure!

Next time, you can move the scene in the bath tube and offer him one of my favourite types of rubbing, a SOAPY MASSAGE! I cannot think about something sexier than two naked people, slippery and wet massaging each other’s bodies.

But since this is his first encounter with a sexy massage, try to keep it simple. Well, not that simple. After you have massaged his back with your sexy body, it’s time to slowly turn him around and, besides sensually touching him, also indulge his eyes with your attractive oily naked skin!

Yes, Happy Endings Do Exist!

After you have delighted your man with your arousing body it’s time to go down girl and focus on his intimate parts! Yes, you guessed, surprise him with a GENITAL MASSAGE! No, don’t begin a masturbation session, just focus on the whole area first! Tease, before you please, baby!

After you played for a while and made him extremely excited, you can begin thinking about that HAPPY ENDING! How? Well, it depends on you! Some use their hands, others enjoy a hot session of oral sex. I would say go for both and give him a very happy ending!

As you can see, making a shy guy relax is not as difficult as it might seem at the beginning. However, a lot of patience is needed, since you can’t jump from a back massage directly to stroking his penis without making the whole experience weird and even put…HIM to sleep!

Yes, they seem strong and sometimes they are, but men are human too, ladies! They also need to be treated with compassion and consideration in order to make them loosen up! So, why not do that?

Also, if you have other useful ideas on how to make shy guys relax and enjoy a sexy treat, let me know by commenting below!

Anna Smith

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