A Guide to Glasgow Punting

It has to be said, one of the best places I have visited for escorts has to be Glasgow. It is one of the best cities in the whole of the UK, and when you look at the girls on Escort Scotland, you will see some of the hottest women available on any website.

The reflection of Glasgow's Arc bridge is captured in still water at night in this wide panorama over the river Clyde.

The first thing you will notice is that the escorts charge for their time and companionship in pounds. If you start offering them Euro’s, then you will be likely laughed at and told to leave.

What Type of Service?


What kind of service do you require?
Do you want to enjoy the companionship of an escort, the warm touch of a massage companion, or the steely grasp of a dominatrix? The choice is yours, and you will see options for all in Glasgow.

The first practical step you will need to make is to choose your escort. It has to be said, there are plenty of Glasgow escorts for you to choose from; you will be like a kid in a candy shop. Whether you are into blonde or brunettes, bigger women or smaller, or ones with natural or enhanced breasts, there will be someone for you.

Next up, you need to work out if you want an incall or an outcall. An incall is where you see an escort at their hotel or home, whilst an outcall will see the escort travel to see you, at your home or a hotel. This is a matter of personal choice. An outcall may be more convenient for you, but you have more chance of being discovered seeing escorts. Is the risk worth it? That is up to you.

After you have worked out if the escort you like fits your travel (or lack of) criteria, then you need to have a look through their profile to see if they perform the favourites that you like.
These can include anal, OWO, kissing, it is pretty much all encompassing. Remember to never ask an escort to do something that isn’t on her profile. That is the bible, don’t deviate from it. You will come across as a jerk and it will likely end your appointment pretty fast.

Arranging The Meeting


Now it is time to call your escort. She will have stated what times she is available in her profile. She may be available to meet you right now, or later in the week. It will be up to you to work out between you what time you meet. Just remember to speak to her like a human being, because that is what she is. There is no need to be nervous. You are just two people arranging a meeting.

Once you have arranged your meeting, remember to turn up on time, having showered, and with your teeth brushed. No escort likes a client to be late, or one that stinks like last weeks washing.

Visiting Glasgow Escorts

You may be required to make a phone call to the escort when you are outside their place. That is to make sure you are who you say you are, and your aren’t bringing a whole crew to rob them. Security is vital for these girls, especially as they usually have to work on their own. Also, don’t speak like you are Dom Joly from Trigger Happy TV. Don’t draw attention to yourself, or her.

Don’t turn up drunk or on drugs. The escort won’t see you as she needs to be careful. She has no idea how you will act if you are loaded, so seriously, don’t do it.

Once you get inside, hand over the pre arranged cash total in an envelope. Put in on the bed, or into the hands of the escort, depending on what she would prefer.

Now when it comes to sex, it must always be safe. No matter times you watch ‘The Wolf of Wall Street, you can’t pay extra to go bareback. If you try to pull that shit with one of the Glasgow escorts, you won’t get any action, just blacklisted from seeing any escort in Scotland, and possibly beyond.

Obviously you will have paid for a certain amount of time. Please don’t overrun, it is rude and disrespectful. The escort is likely to have other appointments in the day, and she will need to get cleaned up, changed, and rejuvenated. You will knock her schedule back, and she won’t be impressed. She has shown you real respect, just do the same for her.

When it comes time to leave your appointment with your chosen escort, leave as you came in, discreetly. That should cap off a wonderful date with a top class companion

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