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Athlone is one of the many towns located in Ireland. Ireland is a country that is famous for its historic locations as well as the overall role that it played throughout the Middle Ages. At times, it was a fortress while at other times, Ireland was one of the most important component in a rapidly expanding British Empire. As a result, there are numerous towns in Ireland that still hold fragments of the historic past of the city, and one of these is Athlone. In the Midlands Region of Ireland, Athlone is the largest town at present. The governance of the town is completely separate, as an elected council is set up to appoint a Mayor.

The location of Athlone is quite simple: it is situated right on the corner of the Roscommon county and the Westmeath County. Make no mistake, this is a pretty small town when compared with other cities; the last known consensus which was held in 2011 revealed that the population of Athlone stood at a figure of around 20,000. Location wise, the geographical center of Ireland is also quite close, located just 8.85 kilometers on the north western side of Athlone. If you are visiting Ireland, going to Athlone is a good idea; just so that you can get a feel of the small towns of this majestic country. Granted, the cities are extremely well developed and provide a great experience, but Athlone is certainly worth visiting so that you can also get a feel for the small towns within the city. Here is a brief history of the town of Athlone:

Athlone city and Shannon river

History of Athlone

Located right in the center of the history, as well as geography of Athlone, is the famous Athlone Castle. The history of Athlone extends back till the 1st century, when Brian Boru first entered the town back in 1001. Then, in the 12th century, a bridge was constructed across the river. On numerous occasions in the history of the town, this castle was under attack, and numerous forts were constructed in order to provide protection. A stone structure was also constructed back in 1210 by John De Gray, and the 12 sided donjon, which still stands today, goes as far back as that period of time.

Then, during the Siege of Athlone, a large portion of the castle was completely destroyed. However, it was subsequently rebuilt, and even expanded in size. Athlone also played a major role during the numerous wars that were fought in the seventeenth century. Then, during the Irish Confederate Wars, Irish Confederate Troops took control of the city. It was recaptured by Charles Coote back in 1650. Subsequently, a number of wars were fought over the town’s ownership, and ultimately King William and Queen Mary’s troops eventually overran the whole city. The bridge at River Shannon has long held a very strategic location in the history of the town, and has been the main point of a number of wars that were fought in the area.

St. Mary Church of Ireland

Tourism in Athlone

Athlone’s culture is completely rooted in the Irish history. Drama and theater are two very popular activities for the local residents of Athlone, and there are three theaters located in Athlone; The Little Theater, The Dean Crowe Theater and Arts Center as well as the Passionfruit Theater Company. On an annual basis, the RTE All Ireland Drama Festival takes place in Athlone. Another famous festival is the Athlone Literary Festival, which is a relatively new festival, started back in 1999.

One of the most famous places to visit in Athlone is the bridge at River Shannon. That bridge was the main subject of thousands of wars which were fought to gain control of the town. Numerous memoirs have also been set up in order to commemorate the wars. For people, the local Sean’s Bar is a great place to visit. The Moydrum Castle is another historic landmark within the area, while the Portlick Castle is also a historic castle that used to serve as a fort in its time.

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