Five Reasons Younger Guys Love Older Women!

If you look through the searched for terms on Escort Ireland, you will find, topping that list, is the word ‘mature’. That’s right, of everyone visiting the top escort website on the Emerald Isle, the highest number are looking for a mature escort.

That brings up the question as to why older women are becoming so popular? It is not just on Escort Ireland that the love of mature ladies has become so prominent. Go to any porn site and you will see one of the main categories is mature. It can’t be denied, guys are loving mature women!

But why is this? Well there are a number of reasons. This is why Escort Ireland has put together five reasons why men today are obsessed with the older ladies.

Here goes.


1) Older Women are More Confident

By the time a lady has got a bit older, she is likely to be more confident in herself. She is not going to be an insecure, clingy and jealous type the guy is used to with girls his own age.

Relationship time is meant to be fun time. Mature women will know how to keep it fun!

2) Older Women are Looking Better

Mature women don’t look old as they used to in previous generations. Better skin care products, healthier diets and proper exercise has given them a glow not seen until recently.

Therefore, when a man goes with an older lady, he is not in a relationship with a granny; he is with a hot older woman.

There is a big difference.

3) They Are Great in Bed

After a number of years being sexually active, they have discovered how to really please a man, and how to get pleasure themselves.

Younger women are still quite experienced, so although they are beautiful, they just haven’t got the X-factor many mature ladies have.

4) Older Women Don’t Pester for Children!

If a guy gets into a serious relationship with a younger lady, it usually won’t be long until she starts asking for children. The term ‘my biological clock is ticking’ is a stab right to the heart of many men may not want kids yet (or ever)

Once a woman has hit a mature age, she is probably going to be beyond that stage. This gives guys a chance to concentrate on the relationship, without the extra emotional baggage that often comes in other relationships.

5) They Have Realistic Views on Relationships

Many young girls still have a ‘Mills and Boon’ style view of what relationships are like. As soon as the guy deviates, even slightly from this formula, they get angry and cause an argument with the poor fella.


Obviously this isn’t fun for the guy. Thankfully there are mature ladies out there who know that relationships aren’t perfect and don’t expect the guy to be like something from a trashy novel.

This makes things so much more fun for the man, and is another reason young guys love older women.

We raise a glass to the mature Dublin escorts on our pages. You, and every other mature lady for the matter, are most certainly worth your weight in gold!

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