Everything You Wanted to Know About Lesbians But Were Afraid To Ask!

I was reading a very interesting article on the Huffington Post this morning. It was about one of the most the most interesting subjects on gods green earth (for guys at least.) LESBIANS!

The article by Jincey Lunkin discussed eleven things that people always wanted to know about lesbians, but were afraid to ask.

This is the real reason behind the intrigue. Guys just don’t get to see lesbian sex. Yes, they may see lesbians in porno films, but porn isn’t real (unfortunately)


For those of you out there who are interested, here are the first five, and I will be honest; they are all questions I have asked at varying times myself!

1) What do Women Actually Do?

Apparently lesbians do everything, including oral sex, anal sex and penetrative sex. There seems no limit to what they cab do.

2) Is One Lesbian the ‘Man’?

Seemingly not. They actually switch round and it is up to them who is the dominant one each time. Who would have thought?

3) Do Women Instinctively Know What the Other One Wants?

The answer is no. Like any heterosexual couple, it is a case of getting to know your partner. There is no magic wand when it comes to girl love!

4) Do Lesbians Always Use a Strap On?

Apparently not always, as there isn’t always a need for full penetration. But couples can use them for special occasions!

lollipop kiss

5) Why do Lesbians go with Women Who Look Like Men? Why Not Just go With a Man?

Men are men and women are women apparently. Lesbians are attracted to the mind, and the body parts of women. Just because a woman looks more masculine doesn’t make her a man. Therefore it isn’t the same thing.

The full article can be found here. It certainly makes for an interesting read!

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