Five Reasons Orgasms Improve Health

We all know sex is great. The moment we hit orgasm is one of the greatest, if not the greatest moment we can experience.

Now we have even better news. Scientists have proven there are real physical benefits to having an orgasm, rather than them just feeling amazing.

Here are five reasons why you should be having more sex, and more orgasms. Remember to show this to your partner so you can embark on a new healthy lifestyle!

Getting rid of a Headache

If your partner has ever refused to have sex, using the age old excuse “I have a headache”, you can now tell them that sex will actually help. It appears the hypothalamus part of the brain, which is connected to the pituitary gland and is attacked by headaches, actually experiences activity during orgasm. This is of great benefit

On top of that, orgasms and general arousal increases the amount of oxytocin in your system, which makes that pituitary gland of yours release endorphins. This reduces pain and gives a sense of well being.

Sadly we can only do so much, and if they think of another excuse, you are on your own!


Helps Prevent Illness

It appears that people who have regular sex have higher level of immunoglobulin, which is an antibody that fends off infection. Even better news for the guys is that those who have five orgasms a week are less prone to prostate cancer, which as we know, is a big killer in men.

So no need to use vitamin supplements, just have more sex!

Easing your Periods

This is a funny one, as a lot of people don’t like to have sex when there is blood flow. However, if you are in a relationship where that is OK, then an orgasm can really help ease the symptoms of your period.

The science is pretty simple. If your uterus contracts, it will help expel blood and tissue, and get rid of the compounds that cause cramps.The more orgasms you have, the shorter your period will last, and the less painful they will be.

Reducing Cravings for Naughty Things

We all have our little vices, whether it is chocolate, drinking beer, or any other thing we know we shouldn’t be having. The good news is that orgasms can help us stick clear of these illicit pleasures.

It seems the body produces phenthylamine which is a natural stimulant. This can help reduce cravings.

Another good reason for more sex!

young woman shouting in ecstasy

Improved Skin

Have you ever noticed that glow you have after sex? Well, there is a scientific reason that happens.

Increased blood and oxygen in your system after an orgasm really benefits your outer layer. Also a release of DHEA, a natural steroid created in the body, helps skin health.

So there we go. If ever you need any more encouragement to have more sex, it is there in black and white for you.

If you need tips on giving hitting the sweet spot with your lady, then read our guide to giving women orgasms. It will come in very handy, and make you very popular indeed!

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  1. Thats it so I ‘m going to have to get up to the 5 orgasms a week level ,I wonder will Minister O Reilly think kindly on a grant application for funding ,

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