Five Ways for a Woman to Turn Her Man On!

We all know that relationship sex can get a bit boring. It doesn’t matter who you are, once the initial excitement of sex with a new partner has faded, the sex can become more mundane, more routine.

It is a big test for a relationship how this reality is dealt with. The ones who don’t adjust will likely end up having an affair, so to get that rush back. Obviously this will have a negative effect on the couples future, maybe even bringing their time together to a swift end.

The better way to sort things out is to spice up your sex life at home. Here at Escort Ireland we have come up with five ways for the lady to turn her man on, and in doing so, bring that that excitement back into their sex life.

1) Hit his G-spot

Now we know the mans g-spot is best found inside the anus. However, a lot of guys don’t want anything inserted in their bottom.

A good way around this is tor the lady to rest two of her fingers on the skin between his balls and his anus. This will be extra sensitive for him, and will feel great.

2) Use an Ice Cube

Now this in an old one, but the passing of time hasn’t stopped it remaining an excellent tactic to get the man excited.

The woman should place an ice cube in her mouth and gently rub it across the mans body. The mixture of the cold sensation, and the extra heat brought about by his heart rate being upped will be a great way to turn him on.

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3) Make him Wait

One problem with relationship sex is that people get straight into it. A good idea is to make the guy wait before the lady starts pleasuring him, so to increase the anticipation.

A good tip is for the lady to stand in front of the man, kiss him on the chest and drop to her knees like you are about to give him oral. Then, instead of going straight for him, move back up to his chest.

He will end up screaming for her to go in for the kill

4) Share a Shower

If you are wanting to get hot and steamy, there are few better places to do it than in the shower. It also adds a real element of surprise to your sexual encounters.

The woman should jump in when the guy is already showering. Mark my words, he will be grateful!

naked Man and woman in love are kissing in shower

5) Making Missionary Exciting

Missionary has gained a reputation as one of the more boring sexual positions. This is more than likely because of the way that it allows the lady to lie back not doing much, and the guy to go at it until he finishes. In a situation where sex has become routine, that only makes things more boring.

It is easy to get things pieced up however. The lady can either pull her feet back and put them against the guys chest, or if she is feeling extra flexible, she can put her legs over the mans shoulders. This should lead to better penetration.

Talking to a Galway Escort

Another good idea is to maybe have a chat with one of the escorts in Galway. These women of the world are more than willing to give tips on how to get things going in your bedroom at home.

All I can say is enjoy trying these things out!

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